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Is it possible to have Lasik eye surgery to achieve less-than-perfect vision?

Asked by sferik (6121points) July 13th, 2008

What if someone wanted to improve their vision, without fully restoring it to 20/20 (perhaps because they like the look of glasses on their face and would feel foolish wearing non-prescription glasses as a fashion accessory)? Is it possible to receive this type of procedure from an ophthalmologist?

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I believe so; a doctor probably wouldn’t recommend it, it could be a bit dangerous

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I would imagine so, since LASIK is using a laser to fix imperfections in the eye, remove fewer imperfections, and the vision will be improved less…

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My mom had really bad vision and she got the Lasik surgery. Her eyesight improved tremendously (she no longer needs glasses daily), but she still uses glasses to read. So it’s possible for eyesight to improve without being perfect.

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I think it would be ridiculous to request that.

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May I speak for all the trained Ophthalmological surgeons here and say, ” ‘Someone’ would be nuts. Why would wearing plain glass glasses be more foolish than getting half a surgery?”

After mid-forties, both those with good and poor vision need reading glasses or bifocals.

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“would feel foolish wearing non-prescription glasses as a fashion accessory”

As gailcalled said, how is it what you’re suggesting less foolish? It makes far more sense to just get the full surgery and wear non-prescription glasses if you really want to. As someone with really horrible vision, I think there are situations where you might enjoy having the options of just being glasses-free (swimming, reading while laying on a pillow, being able to use any headphones, being able to borrow sunglasses, et al.). All you have to do is not mention that you can see without the glasses.

Also, if the glasses are non-prescription then 1) the lenses will be a lot cheaper and 2) you can get the lenses as thick or as thin as you want.

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I don’t think you will find any doctors willing to put themselves in such a position.

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many people who get lasik do end up with cloudy vision, photosensitivity, see stars around lights at night, or have to wear glasses to correct to 20/20. also, because lasik addresses only the symptom of poor vision—the curvature of the cornea—and not the cause—tense external eye muscles—eyes will continue to feel stressed, can continue to worsen, and people can still feel uncomfortable with their vision and perspective in general, both in the literal and figurative senses. i recommend reading leo angart’s book “improve your eyesight naturally.” many people with relatively low vision deficits can correct their vision very quickly through therapeutic methods. those with more serious deficits take longer but can see quick improvements nonetheless.

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