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What Are You Serving During Super Bowl 2015?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) January 23rd, 2015

Every year a bunch of us gather in my living room to watch the Super Bowl and nosh on snacks. I can’t believe it is already airing on February 1! What will you be serving during the big game? I decided to serve strictly wine and beer with soda and water bottles and no liquor. The crunchy snacks in bowls will be Cheese Sticks and Lay’s new potato chip flavors.

I am also going to get a big bag of generic tortilla chips to serve with this simple Velveeta nacho sauce – so easy to make.

I think the hot food will be simple this year – just hot dogs and cheeseburger sliders. Making chili is a lot of work but the guys will probably be disappointed if I skip it. I’ll have to see how I feel. I did find a simple recipe so I may try it, especially since I can use the slow cooker – one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

Did you ever make chili in the slow cooker? How was it?

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Nothing! Believe it or not, the professional organization that I belong to scheduled its annual meeting the exact weekend of the Super Bowl. So instead of being at home and partying, I will be on the exhibit floor, and then in various sessions into the evening.

If we’re lucky, we might get out in enough time to watch the last quarter in the hotel bar,

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I will undoubtedly have a bag of Lay’s Wavy potato chips at hand as I ignore the Super Bowl . . . for the 35th consecutive year. (Instead of the game, I’m thinking about watching Gone With the Wind on my laptop.)

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Wine and beer is alcohol.

I’ll probably make a 7 layer dip.

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A 100 yd restraining order on any person(s) remotedly connected to said Great Dish game.

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Chili is a lot of work? Hm, not the way I make it. I have made it in the crock pot and it was fine, but I like it on the stovetop better.

I’d make some dip (ground beef, Velveeta, and salsa) with tortilla chips, Ruffles with French onion dip, pigs in a blanket (always a hit), and I’d order pizza or pick up chicken wings or a sandwich platter. And a small veggie plate for people that do silly things like eat broccoli during a football game. Taco dip would also be good.

I’m not serving anything because I live in South Carolina and we’re all about college football. I’m not interested in watching the Super Bowl, let alone have people over to watch it with me.

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When is the Superbowl? I’d ask Rick but that would start him talking about football, and I want to watch a movie.

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I’m watching the Australian Open. I don’t eat during it but drink a lot of tonic water. This year I’m not eating because I smashed my TV, also my Kindle. They need to include counter-measures in those things.

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Rooting against the Patriots. ..

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Grapes for Seahawk fans.
Raisins for Patriot fans.

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I am rooting for the Seahawks because my COUSIN is.

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