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How much do the "Wounded Warriors" tv solicitations cost?

Asked by Aster (19949points) January 23rd, 2015

Several times a day the sad “Wounded Warriors” commercial (not sure what to call it ) comes on asking for donations. How much does a five minute commercial cost to run? Bill and Melinda Gates gave them twenty million dollars or so. Or was it twelve million?

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Commercial time varies a lot. Does it air locally or nationally? Which local markets – Los Angeles will cost you more than Dubuque. What is the TV show?

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It is not a tv show. It’s an informercial asking for money to help Wounded Warriors, it runs at least three times a day and each lasts about four minutes. Just wondering how much it costs WW to run it in America.

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^ I’ve never heard of the site that you linked. Charity Navigator gives them a decent rating (it also lists their tax forms).

There seems to be quite a bit of both positive and negative information out there

This seems nicely comprehensive.

As to how much they spend, there’s no way to know except to get a report from the Wounded Warrior Project. Different channels, time slots, days, etc. will all affect advertising fees, and I have to wonder if they are ever able to get “community service announcement” discounts as well.

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