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How do you find out your girlfriends ring size without letting her know that you are going to propose?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) January 23rd, 2015

Seems hard to do. Do you measure her finger while she sleeps or something else?

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Generally rings have to be resized after they’re bought. How tall is the girl and how much does she weigh?

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@Dutchess_III I don’t have a girlfriend just wondering in advance.

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Well, IDK. I had no clue Rick was going to propose to me when he did. The ring was about a size too large so I got it resized. I assume he just guessed I was a 7, but I’m actually a 6.

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Most men who are about to get engaged don’t make any assumption that whatever they proposed with will be the engagement ring going forward. That’s a lousy way to start off on marriage. So they get a large ring that will fit on her finger for the proposal, but quickly follow with a trip to the jeweler so she can pick out the stone and the style of the ring that will suit her best and make her happy.

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My ex-husband had sneaked out a ring that I wore on that finger to see what size I wore. He picked out a beautiful ring that I really loved.

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I was really amazed at the ring Rick got for me. He’s always been a flamboyant “gotta have the biggest and the best!” so it would have scared the crap out of me if I’d known he was doing it. To my amazement, he picked out a beautiful, understated ring that suits my personality perfectly.

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My husband asked my mom what size ring I wore when he was planning to buy me a ring for our first Christmas together and remembered it when buying a promise ring (yeah, yeah, we were 18, give us a break) and eventually an engagement ring. It was a 7, but now it’s too big and frequently falls off.

You could also snag a ring from her jewelry box and take it with you to the jewelry store. (I see now that someone beat me to it on this suggestion.)

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I just remembered….my boyfriend gave me a promise ring too. We were in high school. :(

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I eyeballed the difference between my finger size relative to hers, then went to the jeweler and used their ring sizer on my finger. I was off by ½ a size small, so had to bring the ring back after my proposal.

The jeweler said he would weld on new material to make the bigger size, but I used a microbeam balance at work to weigh the ring to the nearest 0.001 gram beforehand. It weighed exactly the same afterwards, so I knew he used a ring stretcher. I complained to the manager, and they gave me a brand new ring of the right size. And it weighted more than the original one (obviously).

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That was a great story @RocketGuy!!

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My husband proposed and then we went and looked at rings. I got my ring finger sized and pointed out rings I liked and left him to choose the ring he gave me. He had one made that was almost identical to one I pointed out.

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I did the same thing as @chyna‘s ex-husband. I simply borrowed a ring from her jewelry box for size purposes.

I remember the jeweler being amazed I was shopping alone. “You didn’t bring a female friend or relative to help?”, he said.

Are most men that inept?

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ask a family member.

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@chyna Husband thought of what I would do. But in case she may notice it missing you canI you can sneak into her jewelry box and place the ring on your fingers. Whichever one it fits you can then use your finger to try it out. If it is too small, then place it on your pinky and draw a line on your finger with a pen where it stopped.

Another way is guess her size and buy her a cheap ring as a simple, (from the store you plan to buy her actual wedding ring) I love you gift. If it is too small or too big, take her to the store you got it from to get an accurate size. Once she is there pay attention when she wanders to the wedding rings and see which ones she is interested in. Then you will not only know her size but which ring she liked most.

Talk to one of the sales persons and get them in on it. Let them mention that she is welcomed to try on any of the rings for kicks.

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@risuko I have no idea what ring size any of my family members have. Why would I know this?

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I like the idea of getting a cheap, simple ring to start and if the size is wrong, then go and have it resized. Better too big than too small.

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I thought to ask my husband how he knew what size. He said he found a ring that I kept in this jewelry box I have (which holds more Important Receipts than jewelry) slipped it on to one of his fingers, marked where it stopped with a pen and told the guy “I want the ring this size.”

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