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Do you live to work or work to live?

Asked by emt333 (789points) July 13th, 2008

Is your job the focus of your life or a means to attaining other life goals (travel, romance, partying)

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i believe this question has already been asked….

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Well, since I never answered it, I definitely work to live. I think its great when people can make money doing what they love, but unfortunately that’s not me. I like my job, but it really is only the means by which I make money.

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Where I “WORK” affords me/us the ability to “LIVE” where we want…..

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I hate work. That is why I live in a RV and have worn the same sweatshirt for four years. I do as little as possible so I can eat and dork around.

It isn’t surprising that I don’t ever get a second date. Fuck it. I have books I still need to read.

Fuck money and pseudo-success.

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Both. I love what I do.

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My current job is a stepping stone to a career that I think will make me feel very happy and fulfilled. I would do it (among other, related things) even if I didn’t have to work.

And to be fair, for all the things I hate about my current job, there are a lot of things I find really rewarding about it.

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I now work to live, after many years of “living to work,” and coming to realize work does not give back.

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I live. And thats all there is to it.

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Great sequence of answers. There’s a nice arc to the narrative, a nice buildup and landing. Good work,

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You start work as soon as you exit the womb. Then I think it is only natural when coming to age to get a job that pays, thats what most people call work. I enjoy my life, so in part I love to work And I will gladly stop working when I am on “The bed”, when I eternally clock out and embark on my everlasting retirement.

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live to work.

I work with people I love just as I love the job. Our company is a tight knit little family and the atmosphere can’t be beat.

We party as a company, live as a company and the company takes care of us.

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I’m hoping to live to work and work to live. The job I want to do isn’t badly paying which is a good thing ;)

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i like my job but i would work a lot less if i had the choice….or i would choose to work only when i feel like it and do only the tasks i am interested in and passionate about.

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There are certain aspects of my job that I enjoy, but when it comes down to “if you had a quarter of a billion dollars, would you still do this job?” Heck no.
I am happily working to live.

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Work to live, i think most people do that, that’s why the world is as miserable as it is…

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Something in between, absolutely. I want work to be a part of life, not oppposed to it. But it´s one among a lot of other parts – my kids, my guitars, traveling, spending time with my friends, dreaming, working….

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I’ve had a varied work background, and lucky enough to always like what I was doing. When Hubby got a good start on his career, I quit working on the outside, and became a homemaker.

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I live to live!

Money is only about the experiences it can buy. Like travel, time off to just be.

I work long enough to take space, then I work again. :-)

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