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Do you ever have trouble going to bed?

Asked by longgone (17108points) January 25th, 2015

As asked.

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Do you mean falling asleep? I prefer not to even try unless I am ready to fall asleep. If I can’t fall asleep within ten minutes I often stop trying and either turn the TV on, or get up and go out to the living room.

Usually, once I lie down I fall asleep quickly. I even suspect I am a little narcoleptic.

I’m a night person. I don’t like having to admit I’m tired and need to go to bed.

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Occasionally I get hooked into some movie or videos on my computer and stay up lalter than I want, lying in bed with my electric throw blankey cranked up on high. lol
Mostly I try to go to bed at a regular hour so I feel my best, which is getting harder the older I get. lol

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@JLeslie No, I actually mean the act of going to bed. It may be the last remnants of childhood rebellion, but I very often can’t make myself go to bed on time. The world seems so much more interesting.

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Nope….my wife makes it very easy so retire to the boudoir.

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Yes, I often am reluctant to go to bed. The exception is if I am cold and tired and want to cuddle with my husband to relax and get warm.

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Yes. It’s an ongoing problem.

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Nope. No problem at all :)

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Yes. Mostly after being too excited or too disturbed. Sometimes after a heavy dose of coffee. I can have troubles falling asleep because I slept too much previodly too :p

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No problem. Lie down, turn on music, sleep in 4 minutes,

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Yes. Sometimes, I know I should go to bed, and I’m tired, but I just don’t want to yet. I had to catch an early flight the other day and yet found myself watching a music video program with my husband until 1am! I seem to get a second wind too. So the tiredness passes and I can stay awake for hours. I pay the next day because I haven’t had enough sleep.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Yup, that’s me in a nutshell, too. I have no trouble sleeping, it’s just finding the will to go to bed that’s the problem. I can keep working to 2 or 3 in the morning if I let myself. As a result, I keep pushing myself further into a nocturnal schedule, and have to work hard to push it the other way.

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My mind used to race every single night and I’d lose so much sleep because of it. I’d toss and turn thinking about everything. It was out of my control. A common occurrence was to think of something that embarrassed me, and as I replayed it in my head, I felt as though I was reliving it.

Lately it has stopped. I’m in a new place where I feel very welcomed, so I’m hoping that’s why and I’m also hoping it stays this way. Here, I feel refreshed when I wake up every day.

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@dxs Wow! That’s amazing. I always say sometimes moving is like opening a new chapter, closing an old one, and can be almost an instant change for our psyche. I hope you continue to be able to sleep well.

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I haven’t had a good sound sleep in about 20 years. So yes. I go to bed sleepy. Sleep for an hour or 2 and then I have nightmares and restlessness for the rest of the night until my alarm clock goes off. Yay!

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I’m a night owl and have recently accepted this as my norm. I am most active during the second shift time frame. If I try to go to bed before midnight I feel like I’m missing out on something.

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I’m glad I’m not alone, at least!

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As answered.

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I listened to an interesting BBC podcast on sleep this morning, and one of the guests was talking (around 3:25) about how we used to have two periods of sleep, instead of one long 8-hour one. The first was about 2 hours, then there would be a period of quiet activity in the home around midnight, then another 6 hours of sleep later. I wonder whether this would actually suit me, as someone who enjoys writing in the wee hours, which I find to be very creative and productive for me.

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@dappled_leaves: I first became familiar with the “first sleep, second sleep” thing about two years ago, and it really helped my sleeping pattern. Instead of waking up (usually to pee) and then freaking out because I couldn’t get back to sleep, I now just figure I’ll maybe read or something, then fall back asleep gently. Without the adrenal rush of “I’M NOT SLEEPING” angst, I rest much better.

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@canidmajor Very cool! The thing is, I’ve never had trouble falling asleep, it’s just that I don’t want to go to bed. I wonder if this experiment might entice me.

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I struggle with this. Lately, being sick, I have been much stricter with myself.

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