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Is there any way for me to save one of my videos on Youtube back to my computer?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42483points) January 26th, 2015

This was asked in 2009 but somethings may have changed since then.

I have a video of my grand daughter that I posted to Youtube. I managed to wipe out my operating system last summer and lost everything had saved on my computer so I’d like to save that video back to my computer. Can I do that?

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There should be a way of accessing it from your account. But if that doesn’t work, try this site. It should allow you to download the video in various formats.

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DownloadHelper for Firefox.

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I use this do download videos from youtube. It is a bit complicated to set-up but is great once you do. A few months ago I wrote a little tutorial about how to install/use it on OS X.

Or if you simply don’t want to install anything send me a link to the video and I can grab it and upload it to my server so you can grab it from there.

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Here you go

You should be able to right click that and Save Link As.

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Thank you so much!

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Open your YouTube video,
Click on the address bar to edit the address
Add “ss” after “https://www.” , just before “…”
Press Enter

A download page will open

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Awesome @LeonardKonrad! Hope you stick around!

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