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Help me find this foreign film?

Asked by itsnotmyfault1 (198points) July 13th, 2008

I saw a trailer for an Asian film that made me very excited about watching the movie… but completely forgot to write down what movie it was.
This is as much as I remember:
I’m 90% sure it was a Japanese film, and it was about a Yakuza (mob) boss.
Even if it wasn’t Japanese, the film was about a mafia/mob/gang boss who ran a hotel.
The introductory scene (i saw the “first 10 minutes” – supposedly – on youtube) is starts with the main character sitting alone at his empty restaurant.
Some random servant whispers him something, and he begins to make his way to a japanese styled meeting room.
The restaurant and hotel are all very fancy, as the main selling point of the movie is the incredible artistry.
From the trailer, I think he somehow gets overthrown or hunted by his fellow members and gets sent to an empty warehouse or something.
The final, “big fight” scene is back at his hotel, in a penthouse suite.

Any ideas?

Also, the film was very recent I think (2003-present??), and I’ve had absolutely no luck with Google/IMDb searches…

Any help would be appreciated, hopefully a list of recent “artsy” gang asian films, and from those I’ll look at the trailers to see if i can find mine.

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All I can find are and
Sorry, I don’t think either fit.

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You could try searching through these lists… sorry I can’t be of much more help…

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hmmm none of these movies seem to be it.
but thanks for looking!

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