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What was your greatest question here?

Asked by ucme (50031points) January 26th, 2015

Either officially, in terms of GQ’s, or one you personally consider your best.
Maybe it wasn’t so much the question, but the thread turned out to be memorable & hey, I dunno…joyful. B0}

^^ My official “Greatest” not that many, but a nice round dozen anyway.

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I gotta shit load with 10, but maxed out with 12.

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:D. I don’t know and I’m certainly not going to take the time to find out!....BRB

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Here I got so many because I brought Auggie in as a Christmas present. :D

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This one when I proposed to hijack Fluther for 24 hours

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There must have been another “desert island” question, i’m certain I participated in one, lots of fun too.

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…What if we all ended up on a DESSERT ISLAND?!

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That would be a trifle silly.

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You mean a truffle silly, @ucme.

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Don’t sunbathe naked on Dessert Island, especially the men, you may burn your spotted dick.

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The only thing I can think of right now.

Though it is a dead give-away of my location :p

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My personal favorite because I ended up being added to a Fluther that had no others.

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I have no great questions. My answers don’t seem so hot either. I am coated in mediocrity. I might be in the wrong place.

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Oh come on @Here2_4. Some of your questions are pretty interesting. “Coated in mediocrity”? Isn’t that too strong a phrase?

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@jca I read your question incorrectly and though you asked “If you could communicate with a diseased relative or friend…”

I wondered why that question would be so popular.

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I asked one about pedophiles, which was interesting before it devolved.

The one most lurved was this one, thanking Fluther.

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The one with the most GQs is this one

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Haha, don’t know how @Here2_4 should take those GA’s :D

Good stuff people, a healthy positive thread…hoorah!

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And here is the overall leader, of course! They didn’t design the program to handle more than two digit numbers of GQs so it’s kind of hard to tell what the number is. 253? 1253?

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I see it as 253 on my screen.

The “1” that you might be seeing, should be the vertical dividing line between “Great Question” and “253”.

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Ah. Yes. Actually the “1” I was seeing is the right side of the letter “n”.

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Throwing a 20K party for @jonsblond bagged me 18 GA’s. That was a fun thread and chock full of a lot of the old gang I miss.. :)

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@Cruiser I miss only two of those lot, lucille & bobo, loadsa fun & genuine, nice people.

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Ooops…didn’t realize the link was a fail….Sorry

I miss those 2 too but there was liminal, rebel, your majesty, Dr. C, Jude, Future Memory, Kayak8, miss austen, Cmaz, Super Mouse, Blue Freedom, KatawaGrey, jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities, and BoBo1946.

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Yeah, I saw, still just the two for me.

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@Cruiser Thanks for sharing that. It was really nice to read after the day I had Monday. I miss all the users on that Q who aren’t with us now. Especially whatthefluther and the mrs.. I’m thankful that I’m fb friends with many who aren’t here.

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Is whatthefluther okay? I’ve been wanting to know, but didn’t know who/how to ask.

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Gotta be “Am I Gay?”

One of the Zen incarnations asked that and the thread was awesome.

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This was my greatest in regards to the amount of GQs I was given!

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Is anyone else commenting on these threads, and giving out new GQ and GAs?

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