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What do people over 40 talk about?

Asked by Haleth (19538points) January 26th, 2015

From another question:

”@Mimishu1995 “I’m curious about what the older generation talked too.” I think that would be a GQ for its own sake.”

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I talk about football, healthcare, science, family, traveling, television, music, food, weather, hot topics. I’m 44 and hopefully remember what I wrote come tomorrow. You know, because I’m old and senile now. (joking)

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We talk lots about, “What the heck is with kids these days?”

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I don’t talk about anything to anyone unless something needs to be fixed in my apartment. I keep to myself. I do mention the Joke of the day with Joel Osteen with my mom.

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I’d ask what people in their 20s and 30s talk about, but there are probably like less than 5 of us on here.

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A lot of the same stuff I talked about in my 20s and 30s. I do talk more about health problems and people dying though.

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@Haleth Make that six. Dominc is back. =)

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Well whatever our interests are, when I get together with my good friend and golfing buddy we talk about Golf, computers, and trucking we are both truckers.

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Same stuff I talked about when I was under 40. I will add that I’m talking a lot more about peri menopause since my periods have become all wonky. Other than that, same shit.

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My dad and his girlfriend talk about:

-eating a gluten free diet to manage my dad’s diabetes

-getting up at 3 AM to let the dog out, then chasing it around the yard when it won’t come in

-whose turn it is to get the dead bugs and leaves out of the pool

-Beavis and Butthead

-How her ex husband is really irresponsible with his credit


-whether to take down the taxidermied deer head over the mantelpiece

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My husband and I took our preteen daughter to see One Direction at Soldier Field in Chicago this past summer. My ears hurt from all the screaming girls and my husband said the men’s bathroom smelled like marijuana. I didn’t see one boy under the age of 30, with the exception of 1D and 5SOS of course.

^that’s a 40+ yr old woman speaking

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Same things you do probably: politics, our lives, vacation plans, other people.

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Politics, books, films, music, holidays, people we know, work and what’s happening there, relatives, upcoming events. Future hopes and goals, concerns about the future – retirement, health etc. I often bring up topics I’ve seen here and that generates conversations with people I know.

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Same stuff, but a little more about careers and relationships. My only friend here is 20. We talk about everything.

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How great life is before you turn forty.

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I imagine that the list would be more manageable if it was what we don’t talk about.
More life experience = more to talk about.

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Thanks @Haleth for addressing my curiosity :)

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I like to talk politics, yoga, health, spiritual matters, science, music, art, photography, gardening….basically all the things I am passionate about.

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I talk about bowel movements, cholesterol, joint pain, incontinence, adult diapers, and sales at the dollar store. Isn’t that what we old peeps are supposed to discuss~. Fuck it, I’m not old till they put me in my grave.

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Same shit as always was, nowt age specific, although it may not be too much longer before I get to be called Grandad, not just now though.

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@Haleth Reading what you posted about what your dad and his girlfriend talk about, I don’t recognize any of the 40somethings I know. I think the difference is probably the setting. I’m in a large city, rather than in a suburb with a pool and a yard. Here, we talk about politics and the arts, about restaurants, the books we’ve read and the shows we’ve been to, and about our work and our daily lives. I don’t find much difference between the topics I discussed when I was your age, but now I know more, and am more confident – so perhaps I am discussing them better.

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We mostly talk about girls. And, at our age, there are a lot more “girls” to talk about.

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I think it varies a lot. I’m 47.

I talk about travel, things I want to do, my fears, funny things I’ve heard, female health issues, trying to plan getting together with friends, possible financial investments, all sorts of things. It depends who I am talking too. Scientific discoveries, medical advances, and interesting trivia. I used to talk about politics more, but I pretty much dropped most of that unless the other person brings it up. I stopped watching 95% of the political shows I was watching on TV and it has been a great help.

Let’s see what else? Lately, I am having a really hard time with something and so a lot of my conversations have centered around that, but that won’t last forever, and doesn’t have much to do with my age.

I’m trying to figure out the patterns in my life. Some of my closest girlfriends are in that same mode.

I talk about wanting to simplify my life. I feel like I am less able to handle complexity and my life is not in my control. I want to reign it all in. I feel like I am starting to go backwards.

I like to hear stories about other people’s lives. Their adventures and disappointments.

People talk about their kids, but not in ridiculous amounts.

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I am really close. I will let you know

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I listen to my daughter and her friends talking . The subjects are: their kids, purses, boots, alternative meds, new babies being born, local “events” opening such as the farmers’ market, recipes, the weather and sometimes illnesses.
I do not hear them speaking about politics or religion. Darn it.

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