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How old were you when you found your first pornographic material (NSFW)

Asked by talljasperman (21835points) January 26th, 2015

I was 5 when I found my dad’s and I got a whipping. I was 9 when I found my grandfathers adult cartoons. After I was 12 I always spend my time looking them over again and again. The french channel had soft-core porn at nights. So I took an extra television into my room at night.

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I dunno, something like 8,9 or 10? My best friend’s dad stored his magazines on the top shelf of the bathroom closet.

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I was 10 when I clicked on a pop-up online and briefly saw pornographic pictures by accident. I was 15 when I first read some erotic stories online and I was 16 when I started Google-searching “gay porn” lol.

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I think I was about 10–11 and I found some of my dad’s magazines. I used to sneak in to read them after that.

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I was about 10 and my aunt’s husband left piles of Playboys in my grandparents’ attic. This was mid-70’s. I was actually interested in the jokes, cartoons and letters to the editor, as I was an avid reader.

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I was 8. I was at home alone and bored. I wanted to find something thrilling, so I searched my father’s wardrobe. Inside I found a CD box with some nude and half-nude girls on it. I also found a mobile phone with some xxx videos. At that time I knew nothing about sex and thought the girls on the CD box were bathing, and the people in the videos were fighting with each other.

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Just about everyone knows the Kliban Cat

@jca has it as her icon.

Most people don’t know that he made several R – X rated comics as well. They were more weird and surreal than sexy. But there were lots of naked people in them.

My dad left his entire Kliban collection out on a night stand when I was 8. I read them all. Over and over.

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Came across (not literally) some abandoned mags in a field when I was about 11.
There was a guy getting a soapy tit wank off this woman, they named him “Lucky Eddie”
I went home & wanked like I was trying to make fire, no tits though, or soap.

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5 or 6. Parents had just gotten cable and I found a certain channel with lots of naked ladies. My mom found me still watching the tv 2 hours later and suddenly, we no longer had cable.

5 years later, I discovered some wonders on the internet. lol

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Somewhere between 11 & 13.

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@ucme – in a field? You expect that to be believed?

Maybe some what farmer was reading them while driving the tractor and accidentally dropped them?

Or maybe the Druids brought them along on their annual trek to Stonehenge and left them as an offering for their particular god?

I’d be much more inclined to believe you if you said that they were under the shelf of your neighborhood pub.

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@elbanditoroso I couldn’t give a royal fuck if you believe me or not, that’s your problem.
Can’t comprehend why you would think I was lying anyway, no reason to at all.
The field was what we call a spare field, more a tiny piece of wasteland, fuck knows how the mag wound up there, don’t care much either.
I suggest your cynical mind should be turned down a notch or two.

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Possibly dumped there? I remember an old and much older friend telling me that in his youth he had a profitable small business. He bought a collection of pornographic magazines and rented them out. I can’t remember for how much or how long but for the sake of the story let’s say for a £1 a week.

Eventually life moved on and he stored the mags in the cellar. Hidden away so his mum didn’t find them. Then he forgot about them.

A few years later they demolished that group of houses. And the demolition site was strewn with tits and ass in a range of positions. I’m sure a few young boys got their first experience with porn thanks to my entrepreneurial but forgetful friend. That he would have had such a business is not surprising. He went on to be a very successful businessman.

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I could easily see how porn magazines end up in a field. Probably someone got his hands on a stash and wanted some privacy. Took them out to the field where nobody would see him enjoying himself, and then he left them there so he wouldn’t get busted by his parents or whatever when he returned.

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I was 4 my cousin was watching Porn and I watched with him

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