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How effective would mandatory vasectomies at birth be at preventing teen pregnancies?

Asked by ragingloli (47241points) January 27th, 2015

Then, if you wanted children, you would have to either get it reversed, or resort to IVF to have children, both of which procedures could be tightly regulated.

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Great idea! My company can supply the inline valve to turn it on and off. It would be self powered and RFID enabled, and could only turned on after supplying proof of support documentation to the Agency for Population Development. The intended recipient of the genetic material must also be identified.
The recipient would be equipped with a similar device which would only allow fertilization if she showed agreement to support the resulting product for a period of no less than 16 years.
This system would work in developed countries but not in poor countries where the population is already out of control. Those areas will be handled differently. The APD will be funded entirely from redirected food relief funds slated to go to impoverished regions that rely upon foreign aide to survive. It is time to let nature take its course.

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Of course, any interested party must meet certain requirements: above average intelligence levels, income to cost ratio, exemplary genetic material i.e. no presence or history of mental illness, etc. This would not only exponentially decrease our resource intake, but also ensure that we are encouraging the spread of favorable genes within the gene pool. This would almost entirely eliminate the foster care system along with the state departments of family services. Less government workers mean lower tax rates which means higher incomes. Eventually the degenerates of society would be phased out and we’d be left with a species evolving at an optimum rate toward greatness.

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Effective? Very. Ethical? Probably not.

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Eugenics anyone ?

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

So, how many more rounds of enforced Eugenics do we need to go through in order to realize what a horrible idea it
is ?

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Very. After the birth of our second son I had a vasectomy and in 12 years no more brothers or sisters.

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@Cruiser. Once again we’re reading the same playbook. I, too, had one after my second son was born. It’s been great. 30+ years .

Unfortunately PCa forced me to take it a step further with removal of my prostate.
On the other hand, now there’s no mess! A very desirable feature for women with cleaning OCD.

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Impliment a sex tax, most teens who squirt out sprogs are poverty ravaged skanks, hit them in their empty pockets.

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@ragingloli Rather than madatory valve installation are you willing to try something else?
As the price of DNA testing falls (will be in the $10 to 20 range in a year or two) we can make DNA testing more widespread. Let’s require it as part of the health check. Furthermore as part of the check up the male must be identified or no benefits will be provided to the female except for abortion. If the female is below the age of consent the oldest participant will be charged with statutory rape. Level of punishment will depend upon the age and age spread of the participants.

Would that work?

(We’ll provide the low cost DNA analyzer on a chip.)

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@ragingloli posits these outrageous ideas to get people talking. I can’t believe that this is a sincere suggestion.

Because if it were, it wouldn’t work.

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@elbanditoroso I, too, like these kinds of discussions. I try to take an engineering economics approach. My suggestions are usually both technologically and economically feasible and are environmentally sustainable.
I leave morality, religion, and compassion out of the equation.

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Jonathan Swift had some modest similar proposals too.

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You know else from Germany advocated forced sterilization?

But anyway, for arguments sake…

Education and contraceptive availability are probably just as effective without requiring a police state to abduct and dissect the populace.

All first world countries already know this. I hope the US follows suit some day.

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I think it’s a great idea. I’d vote for it.

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Suppose for a moment that this idea became common practice.

Over millions of years, would human male anatomy evolve to no longer produce semen? Would evolution ultimately eradicate the role of males in society?

Is this idea the beginning of the end of civilization?

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@elbanditoroso “Over millions of years, would human male anatomy evolve to no longer produce semen? Would evolution ultimately eradicate the role of males in society?”

Why on earth would that happen? Anyone who wants to procreate can still procreate. There is no selective force driving the production of less semen. That makes no sense.

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Typical male chauvinism to presume that civilisation would be doomed without them.

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@ragingloli – typical female superiority complex to think that civilization wouldn’t be doomed without men.

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But we don’t know what sex or gender RL is!

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@elbanditoroso Let’s look 10s of thousands of years into the future. Would reproductive pressure and women preference produce three kinds of males: boy toys, breeders and drones? The boy toys would be tools for female enjoyment and would be discarded like old battery vibrators when they no longer work or got out of shape or got wrinkly. The breeders would be AIDS and allergy resistant, Intelligent, with good vision, exceptional hearing, and stamina. There would still be a need for males to take care of menial tasks like emptying mouse traps, changing the hovercraft motor oil, cleaning out the anti-gravity rain gutters. That class of males would be called drones.
Males would be free to move from class to class as long as they maintained the necessary skills and attributes. Breeders and boy toys would age-out into the drone class. Everyone remains employed.

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@LuckyGuy What does this have to do with “women preference”? Any man who wants to have children can have children under this scenario. How would such a policy affect anything other than teen pregnancies? The man can reverse his vasectomy at any time he chooses.

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Is reversing a vasectomy so easily done? I didn’t think it used to be.

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@janbb It’s much easier to reverse than the equivalent procedure in women.

Of course, it probably makes no sense to do the procedure “at birth”. I imagine they’d have to reach puberty before it could be done.

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@LuckyGuy I like the inline valve idea over the vasectomy. Then it could be turned or off anytime. But if we assign the guys to the three groups do they qualify for minimum wage treatment? How about overtime status? Some bugs to work out here.

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I think if the government wants to step in education and free contraception are really the way to go.

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@dappled_leaves In the 10’s of thousands of years into the future scenario if a guy did not have the attributes desired by women and society he would be moved into a different class. For example, if a guy was a breeder but developed some as yet unknown disease or addiction, his valve would be switched off and he would be relegated to the drone or boy toy classes. He would be allowed to stay at boy toy only if women agreed, through active participation, that he should be there. If he could not cut the mustard, so to speak, he would be relegated to cutting grass in the drone class.
Breeders would lose their breeder’s license if they impregnate under age females.

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@LuckyGuy That’s a nice story, but it has nothing to do with the scenario proposed by the OP. Perhaps you should ask a different question about your scenario.

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I seem to remember reading in Popular Science there was a microvalve that was (at the time) a breakthrough in miniaturization. It could be installed in the Vas Deferens and turned on and off by a quick visit to the urologist. I wonder if that would be an alternative to a cauterized vasectomy?

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I like @Lucky Guy’s solution.
Like breeding horses, do not cross Cut the Mustard with Boy Toy. lol

Well…too bad my breeding days are over, I was a great specimen for a selective breeding program. I produced a fine little filly of a child. Smart, pretty, healthy, funny, and a go getter. lol ;-p

Maybe we should have a Fluther gene pool breeding program.
I can be on the selection panel for excellent crossbreeding. With my background in horses I can select the best mares and stallions of the bunch.

Naming the offspring would be fun too.

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Never cross:

Ima ghetto gangsta with Lookit that crack ho go.

Methhead with whooz yer daddy

Jethro Bodine and Ellie May Clampet

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Not even funny.

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Just not that serious

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@dappled_leaves My first suggestion (way up near the top) related directly to the OP’s question.
My second comment offered an alternate, less drastic and lower cost approach.

My other comments proposed other, more futuristic approaches as this is a @raginingloli Q that forces us to stretch, think, and imagine.

And, for the record, valves of that size and shape can be made today. Qosina makes the valve and Hitachi the RFID dust. We’d make the controllers that tie it all together and bring it up to MIL specs.

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They tried that with those who scored low on an iq test. Alberta government was sued and was forced to settle .

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@ragingloli It’s not chauvinism, if men are not needed then neither are women. What would society be like if there was no gender and we just cloned each other or grew fetuses in a lab. Probably be just like brave new world.

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So, is Brave New World something to aspire to then ?

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Only if you are completely against humanity.

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It would only work on the poor. The rich would have them reversed.

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