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If you had stomach flu before, what are the things you did to recover faster?

Asked by micchon (391points) January 27th, 2015

Yesterday morning, my boyfriend took a branded coffee blend drink and vitamins with gluta of the same brand. Last night he wasn’t feeling so well and he started having gas and uneasiness with his stomach. He started feeling sick with light fever, and later that night he puked the stuff he took in the morning. I asked him what color his puke was and he said it was brown/black. I thought that that kind of puke was alarming, since it could be because his stomach is bleeding or it was just because of the coffee.

He told me he felt well after puking, but this morning he started having fever. I told him to take sports drink for electrolytes, and not to eat solid/heavy foods yet. I’m still waiting for other symptoms that might indicate food poisoning (like diarrhea/dehydration) but he’s doing good so far. He’s taking fever medicine, but if he started vomiting again or started having diarrhea, I’m gonna call the doctor.

If you had stomach flu/food poisoning before, what are the things you did to recover faster?

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Pepto bismol, chicken noodle soup, ginger ale. bedrest. putting the tv in the bedroom. Clean warm drinking water, orange juice. Blanket warmers. Fluffy Comforter. Ice chips to chew on.

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Ginger ale, toast, consomme soup

Food poisoning is usually more violent and shorter lived than a stomach virus.

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Sprite, crackers, rest.

Also, the coffee wouldn’t have been in his stomach hours later.

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Barf for five hours. That’ll do ‘er! No, with flu it is viral. I fight that with chicken soup, and sweets. Food poisoning is bacterial. Sweets will just take that to new heights. Food poisoning is best treated by a doctor. both rob the system of liquids rapidly. so rehydrating is important.

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Don’t eat or drink for 4–6 hours unless you actually feel thirsty. Then try some ginger ale or water. Just a little. If it stays down have some more. Maybe some soup. If it doesn’t stay down wait two more hours and try again. No point in taking in fluids if you just throw them up. Let your system rest.

This advice is for adults only, not children. Adults can gauge if they are getting dehydrated.

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Have him chew on 4–6 fennel seeds, take licorice and or drink peppermint tea. All 3 will calm down the stomach and make him feel better very quickly. Won’t overcome any food poisoning or seasonal flu that may be afflicting him but they will calm down the turmoil in his belly. No more coffee or spicy food or drinks for at least a day or two.

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Beer, preferably a stout or porter.

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All of the above suggestions except the beer. @rojo Ugh! A stout or porter, OMG, nooo!
Moaning a lot helps too, with your head under the blanket.

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Mostly what @talljasperman except I usually make a virgin screwdriver (Orange juice and ginger ale together) and I’d add spicy food (usually soups like the Korean noodle dish Cham Pong)

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Definitely ginger ale, that’s my number one on the list.

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