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What is the phobia over eating the black parts of the Banana?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) January 28th, 2015

Also Is it safe to eat the black parts of bananas?

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Safe but it just looks unappetizing. Nothing wrong with it but if you are sensitive, cut that bit off.

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Because they are rotting spots on the banana, ewwww.

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People around here just aren’t hungry enough

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Fruit racism :D

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Are you referring to black spots on the banana peal? Black spots on the peal indicate that the banana is getting ripe. If the banana is completely black then it is likely not very good to eat.

When eating bananas it is important to use your nose as well as your eyes in assessing it’s edibility. As long as the inside of the banana looks and smells good, I’ll eat it even if the entire peal is black. Black is sometimes still beautiful.

I think that people who can’t stand to eat a banana with any black spots on the peal are people who simply don’t like eating bananas.

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@gondwanalon Not just on the peel but in the banana fruit itself.

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I don’t mind black spots on the peel, hard to not have a few of those ultimately, but, black spots on the actual fruit is just icky. The only thing black bananas are good for is banana bread, but even then there is a limit to their blackness. lol

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The black spots shouldn’t hurt you. It’s an old wives tale that they will make you weinie fall off. But do you want to find out if it’s true or not?

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I like my bananas when they just barely have given up their green for yellow on the outside. As soon as they just turn yellow I stick them in the fridge to retard further ripening. The peal gets brown, but the fruit stays good for another three days with very little chance of brown, unless the banana had been banged up somehow.

Or, did you mean the little black dots in the middle of the banana?

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@JLeslie No… the seeds don’t bother me… it is the black parts on the damaged parts of the banana.

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The damaged parts I cut away if there are any.

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Overripe bananas are so grody. It just doesn’t taste good.

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Yeah – I can’t stand a flaccid banana.

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I hate the flaccid banana too. :(

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Are we going to Hell?

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Only you dear, only you.

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Laughs, well then I’ll have a hell of a good time with the band that’s there before me. The poor mods are scratching their heads over this one. :)

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I like big, firm, bananas myself.
Would somebody like to slip me a big banana? lol

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The black parts are mooshy. Which is just as bad as flaccid.

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@chyna So what do I do for my mooshy flaccid banana?

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Busted – - the youtube is

Over ripe bananas make great banana bread,

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Oooh baby put your banana in my bread. lol

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The black banana makes the best banana bread ever…

If you ever tasted good banana bread , it is because they used black bananas

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The Black Banana. Sounds like a Marvel comic. lol

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Sometimes I will eat a banana that has a a couple dark spots. But only if they are small and not very dark.

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Haha, no wonder Fluther is shot to shit.

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@ucme HA! You got that right. And of course it takes one to know one.

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Extraordinary reaction, you should crawl back under that rock & learn some socail etiquette.

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I noticed that no one answered the question about what phobia for the black part of the banana.

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