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Are all our northeastern jellies making it through the blizzard OK?

Asked by Mariah (25863points) January 28th, 2015

I got 2 days off of school, which is unheard of. There was a travel ban so we sledded in the streets. I’d say I’m doing just fine :) How’re the other New Englanders doing with their snowfall?

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8” of snow and one serious plowing. Now the issue is wind gusting and snow drifting, freezing at night and navigating ice on driveway and sneaky patches of sidewalk. My heating bill has been higher for the last 8 weeks than in previous years. (I am not officially in NE, being in NYS.) Another long, grim cold week predicted with more snow flurries and temps. in the single digits at night.

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I got two days off, too. I can’t tell how much snow we got because there are too many structures and moved snow. I went out on Wednesday morning around 1am or so with some other people and we walked around. Earth looked so cool that night. In fact, I felt as though I was on another planet. The wind was strong, the snow was falling from all directions, and the sky was purple. We went out last night, too, when the snow had finally stopped.

I was out and about today—I can’t stand being trapped in one place. Although some of the sidewalks weren’t shoveled, the public transportation was back on its full-time weekday schedule.

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We got about 26” of snow and two days off of work and school. My new SnowJo electric snowblower did a bang up job on its maiden journey. It ate though my walkways, deck, and much of the driveway.

My plow guy cleaned out the front of my property but not before he got stuck in front of my mailbox. I had to tow him out with my Hyundai. Who’s helping who here?

My daughter and our dog played in the snow Tuesday and we went for a nice walk Tuesday night.

Yesterday we got out to visit some relatives. Sadly, because my cousin committed suicide early Tuesday.

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^ Oh, horrible. I’m so sorry for your loss. [Hugs].

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My daughter got two ½ days off of school. I left early on Monday and stayed home Tuesday.

We got about 8 inches total. I woke up to 6 and then it snowed 2 more on Tuesday. It was a snowstorm but nothing like “Storm of the Century” like they predicted. In my area they predicted 24 to 36 which is astronomical and would have been a storm of the century. It was a light powdery snow, very blustery and drifting all over. Easy to shovel, which is good.

Al Roker was on yesterday saying they got it wrong and nobody likes to be wrong, and that the head of the Weather Service admits they got it wrong too, and that they need to find a better way to predict next time.

People I work with made it in, but many were late. Major roads were closed till morning. Public transportation was suspended for the day (bus, subway, trains).

Long Island and Boston got it bad, from what I hear.

I live in southern NY, about an hour to an hour and a half south of Gail, about an hour north of the city.

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I feel qualified to answer this for three reasons:

1) I’m an Englander
2) From the Northeast
3) It’s snowing here

That being said, we have only a light dusting & all things considered, i’m fine.

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Two cozy days in the house, cooked a lot, only got about 8 inches and roads are clear. Icy driveway but doing fine. Glad we dodged a bullet.

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As I told my kids when they checked in from sunny Wisconsin (yeah, worried about the old man in Connecticut – go figure) and Las Vegas, “Meh. It’s a snow storm. ‘Epic storm of the week.’”

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OK, was it the worst any of you have ever seen? I mean, it WAS the Storm of the Century, Da duuuum.

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Nemo was worse.

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Sandy was the worst and the worst snowstorm was the day after Christmas one in 2010 when we got 30 inches.

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Nah. I lived through the blizzard of ‘78.

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4 frakking inches! If you watched the radar at all, you might have noticed the storm split into two “fingers” – one that enveloped Worcester and everything east, and one that hung out by the NY state line. I live in Western Mass, between those areas, and we totally got gypped. I was looking forward to taking the dogsled out in the coming weeks, but now I think we won’t have a deep enough snow base at all this winter.

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It’s icy out this morning (Friday) which means a delayed opening with school, which means mama misses more work, and then Sunday they said 3 to 9 inches and some areas could get a foot. Jeezus this is getting annoying LOL.

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