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How does music make you feel? What is your oppinion on it?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) July 13th, 2008

What does music mean to you basically? Is it important to you? When do you listen to it? What kind?

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I always love music. Different kinds of music make me feel different ways. I love classical music; I love jazz; I love the blues; I love what is now called classic rock (must mean I am a classic Marina); I love musicals. I sometimes like some folk music.

I am less fond of, but do not rule out country music, rhythm and blues.

Music can be cathartic. Music can lift my spirits. Music can make me feel spiritual.

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I love music and it will always be important to me. I play the bass so I like Jazz and Classical, but mostly I like oldies and songs from Broadway. It is fun to play my bass, even if it is a written song, because it expresses something, like all my worries go away and I can just focus on what I’m playing or listening to. I love hearing my bass teacher play, because he is amazing. I really look up to him and want to be able to play like him someday. I will definitly continue music my whole life. And if it is not the bass, I also love to sing, and that really helps me express myself.

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i walk around with my headphones in my ear 22 hours a day.

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Depends on the music. I have a large collection, so I can usually find something very quickly to suit my mood.

What’s my opinion on that? I approve.

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I live music! If it wasn’t my career, I would still listen to it all day, everyday. Music is one of the most important things to me.

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I find it hard to describe what music is and what it means to me, it’s such a hard thing to pin point. Music makes up so much of my life, of the world, it is pivotal to our culture. Music amazes me. I think the concept of music is one of the most beautiful things humans have come up with. I say the concept of because obviously I don’t believe all music to be beautiful, there is some shocking stuff out there, but hopefully you know what I mean. Music is so powerful- it can cheer you up or move you to tears, it can make you content or it can stir you into action, you can relate to it or you can laugh at it. It can be on in the background or you can blast it throughout the whole house. It’s so versatile, there’s music for every occasion, and there are new kinds of music being made all the time. It is ever changing, ever evolving, but the good old stuff always stays in our hearts too. I think I am fortunate to have a very broad music taste and a fairly open mind when it comes to music. I’ll give anything a go, and my favourite bands come from a variety of “genres” (though I do not generally like to categorise into the big fat lumps that are genres, though sometimes they come in handy when describing)- from black metal to folk and so much in between. Seeing the music I love being played live is an awe inspiring experience for me, and I can’t wait until I’m 18 so I have many more opportunities to see the bands I love.

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I envy good musicians. Including my brother and my mum. Music is an awesome way to release emotion, or induce it. I listen to music a lot and love it, I buy a lot of music regularly because my mind keeps on changing and I keep on finding brilliant new stuff. Recently bought 4 new CDs, waiting for 3 to come yet ;) But it’s wonderful, I could lose my self to some of the music I listen to. Some of it lifts me up, some of it clears my mind, some of it helps me work better. Ask me which songs do what I couldn’t say, it’s just all at the time. Music is important and I believe it’s a thing of expression and beauty and no one should ever take it away. It. Is. Awesome.

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I would die without music!!! Its a very personal thing which is hard to describe to someone. Music is what has gotten me through this fu@@ed life!

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