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Do you change your pants after getting home because "it's dirty outside"? How about changing pants before going to bed?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) January 31st, 2015

That’s what my mom ask me to do. She even said:“It’s my house and if you live here you must do as what I want.”

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I just wear my jeans and she said no matter what pants I’m wearing, I’m not allowed to go to bed with the pants which I wear when I’m outside. She even ask me to change them as soon as I get home. Is that normal?

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I usually change into “play clothes” when I get home from work because they’re more comfortable and certainly into pajamas before bed. The dirt factor doesn’t seem “normal” – whatever that means – but as has been said other threads, her house her rules.

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Yeah I’m actually not very obsessed with the changing thing. If that really makes sense I’ll do it. I’m a little annoyed by the feeling that she just said it, without any communication or discussion or stuffs. I really don’t wanna be mean but it’s like a cold order, jeez.

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But is that consistent with her general type of parenting? Is this something new?

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Well she’s kinda tough sometimes but it’s the first time she used something like “It’s my house, if you live here you must obey blabla”

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I don’t know, maybe I’m being oversensitive.

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It may just be that it’s time for you to start thinking of moving out.

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I cannot imagine sleeping in the pants I wear during the day, but I certainly don’t change out of them every time I enter the house, which often is several times a day.

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I don’t have “indoor” and “outdoor” pants. I do have work pants/clothes and casual. But work clothing has gotten very casual in my business (jeans, golf shirt) so I don’t even change when i get home a lot of the time.

And I don’t wear pants to bed.

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If we’re talking about under-pants, then I don’t wear any, so not an issue for me.
Reminds me of the old story about mothers insisting you wear new pants every day, in case you suffer a road accident & need to go to hospital…skewed logic.

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I don’t change my outside clothes as soon as I get home because they’re dirty. I’ll usually change into something more comfortable though. And definitely before bed.

Do you have a particularly dirty job?

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I wear my “outdoor” pants inside as well. I usually change into different pants when I go to sleep, though.

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If I am in a dirty environment, I take off my outdoor pants and shirt at the door and immediately toss them into the basement where the washing machine is located. I will not wear my pants indoors if I was: spraying lawn chemicals, or covered in pollen, digging in the garden, cutting the grass, using the chain saw, working on the car, sitting near a smoker, or even eating in a stinky restaurant that has a lot of fried food smell. I don’t want to track dirt into my house.
I never wear my outdoor pants to bed and under the covers. Yuk.

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Rule #1. Her house her rules You need to deal with it.

If I’m doing something particularly dirty (gardening, home improvement, etc.) I want to clean up before I come in and sit on any furniture (out of consideration for the other people in my house).

I always change into my pj’s when it’s time for bed. Shower is usually optional before bed (unless I was engaged in any of the above-mentioned activities).

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Your mom sounds a bit OCD, she wouldn’t like it over here at all. She’s probably make me change my pants after holding the cats, petting the dog, feeding the chickens, then the horses, then the ducks and geese and barn cleaning and, well….that’d be a lot of pants in one day. haha

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Well firstly she thought I should change my pants I wore outside even before I’m just sitting on the bed. Secondly I don’t enter dirty environments.. well if you don’t count restaurants as dirty.

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I have one old pair of pi’s somewhere, I think, but now I sleep in a t-shirt and cotton briefs.

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And she herself changes her pants after she got home from work. Not several times, just one time a day.

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Does she never go out again after returning home from work?

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yeah. com’on it’s China.. She arrives at home at 7:00 mostly

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Well…maybe just have a couple pairs of house pants, like sweat pants or PJ pants and put those on when you get home instead of another pair of pants pants that you would wear out every day to school or work.

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If I come home from being out in public places and I don’t intend to go back out, I’ll put on casual pants (you may call them sweat pants, lounge pants, pajama pants, yoga pants). If I’ve been out in the car or public place like restaurant, work, store, etc. I consider those pants dirty because I’ve sat places where other people have sat, and who knows how dirty they are.

If I’m just lounging around on the deck, I don’t consider that dirty so I will wear the same pants there as I do in the house.

I never, ever wear outdoor pants in bed, on the bed, under the sheets. To me that’s gross.

When I get home, I can’t wait to change my clothes, take my contacts out and let my hair down, if it’s up. Jewelry comes off and I’m in “home mode.”

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No and I don’t wear pants to bed, but if I did I would wear pajamas.

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Is it perhaps a Chinese customary practice, such as in Japan where they do not wear outdoor footwear inside but change into a type of slipper before entering the house?

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I don’t wear street clothes in bed. I like to keep the dirt outside away from my bed sheets. Here’s the thing though. I wear street clothes when sitting on my sofas and chairs. I also wear pajamas on the same sofas and chairs. So, in reality I am not keeping outside dirt from getting in my bed.

I do prefer shoes be removed when entering the house. Two reasons: the germs from outside and also to avoid teaching dirt in.

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@Adagio I don’t think so, but I’ve heard some of other families have the same habit

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Here my family has two sets of “outdoor” and “indoor” clothes. Pretty self-explanatory. I don’t feel so comfortable to wear outdoor clothes at home and vice versa.

Maybe the situation is the same in China?

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I wonder if it’s an Oriental cultural thing?

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I think most of east Asia removes their shoes when entering the home. Not sure about changing clothes.

@wsxswh111 Is the changing clothes thing just for children?

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@JLeslie The shoes thing is true here, everyone does that;
As for the pants thing, I don’t think it’s something “traditional”, a common habit now, maybe

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@Mimishu1995 I don’t know.. maybe it’s not a habit of the country, but of my dear mom XD
Anyway, it won’t hurt to take the adorable pants off.. :b I’ll just go for it, I guess, lol

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@wsxwh111 Do what you like. I can’t find anything bad about keeping the pants. It’s just my country has the habit of separating outdoor clothes and indoor clothes, and I’m used to it.

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Yes of course i do… in fact its my daily routine, i always sleep without pants.

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