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Can you please help me figure out how my work computer is linked to my cell phone, so I can "un-link" them?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 3rd, 2015

When I search for things on my work computer, I will then look at my cell phone and see the things I searched for under “recent searches.”

I downloaded Google Chrome on the work computer. I also use a Gmail email address in it (for a work group email blasts that we used to send out) but I have not accessed that account in over a year. The cell phone is only about 6 months old and the Gmail email has never been accessed from it.

I have 3 personal email addresses on the cell phone that I receive email for, but none of those are my work email (which is a governmental email address). I can’t check my work email on my cell phone.

Could it be that the Google Chrome has an email address that is one of my three, and that’s how the cell phone knows what’s searched on the work computer?

I have no real secrets to hide, but it creeps me out when I search for something on the work computer and then I get into my car and see the same searches showing up on the phone.

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