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Why did you join Fluther & what do you mean to it?

Asked by ucme (50031points) February 3rd, 2015

Okay, so it’s a little clunky, but it’s a play on a recent meta question.
Don’t be shy, what do you bring to the Fluther table?

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I found Fluther by accident surfing the internet while recovering from a bad case of jet lag after returning from Asia in March 2010. 5 years later here I still am, I joke about it being the longest case of let lag in the history of man. lol
I don;t know what I mean to Fluther, I like to think my presence is appreciated, and think I bring humor, some modest measure of intelligence, a fun loving and zany personality style and at times a very sharp and no nonsense approach to, well…nonsense. haha

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To make friends and to improve my writing skills. Also to answer my endless questions. Maybe find a wife. I bring some value or I wouldn’t have any Lurve.

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I first joined as part of an exercise to bring social media awareness to a business venture I was engaged in. That all fell away when I loved the give and take of Q&As and I enjoyed the personalities I met on the site.

The site loves me. I know because it tells me so every time I log in. “You had us a hello,” it just said to me. Or “We baked you a cake.”

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I came for the chicks.

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I bring you all sorrow and disease!

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Those last two answers were brought to us by Dirk Diggler & Mother Nature on her period :D

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2008 searching the app store. I liked the social aspect since I am very introverted.

I’m not sure what I add. I made a great friend who I talk to and see away from fluther. It’s hard for me to make good friends that stick with me. I can be difficult, mainly because I tell the blunt truth.

I guess I’m here for all the haters to hate on.

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I joined Fluther because my hamster told me to, he could be very persuasive.
I bring sarcasm, wit, charisma, a bag of sand & some crayons to the party, not necessarily in that order.

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Broken crayons @ucme ;>0

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Only if you fart on them @Tropical_Willie B-)

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I think I found Fluther after MrsA on Answerbag suggested I check it out. I was recovering from an injury and had some time on my hands so I did.

From what I can tell, I don’t mean much. And the sun comes up tomorrow…

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If I didn’t show up here again, I wonder how many would notice… But I’ll likely do it anyway.

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I’m still not sure why I joined. I wish I could remember. Something tells me I was looking for a piano piece to play. I’m always looking.
What do I mean to it? That’s a question for Dr. J.

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I found Fluther while doing a search for a replacement for Yahoo! Answer. Yeah, the long story: I typed “Q & A site”, stumbled on a site (Answerbag, I think), and Fluther came in an answer of a user. I searched for Fluther and here I am. At first I only wanted some of my questions answered then I would leave, but I began to develop a liking to the site, so I stayed.

What I mean here? I think I’m just another jelly jumping into the tidepool.

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I jumped ship from Askville during one of its earlier traumas. A couple of other AVers had mentioned Fluther as a better alternative, so I gave it a try. It had everything I liked about AV, without all the nasty bits.

What do I bring to the Fluther table? A cool head. Good will. Curiosity. Miscellaneous scraps of knowledge and experience. Free labor.

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I came here because my sister had been recommending the site. I liked the people right away.

I’m fairly level-headed, which is a good quality to have when arguing with virtual strangers (heehee). I’ve asked some questions people have enjoyed, and I think anyone who likes to learn and appreciates the “tone” of the lagoon is valuable to the collective.

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refugee from Askville. A full year prior to my arrival, I had been notified by the legendary Goldie of the existence of this place, and at the time thought I’d get around to checking it out. As would be expected, the notion faded almost instantly from my thoughts. Following the collapse of Askville, I was looking up something on google when I came across a post fom this site by the great champion here, Seek Kolinahr (at that time). It revived my memory of the sagely advice from Goldie, and I “crashed the party”. As to what I mean to Askville? Just another shaft of wheat in a yawning field of lamentable irrigation. The departure of the 2 great champions from that field is unsettling. I can’t help but wonder if they are thriving elsewhere.

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I jumped the shark years ago. Ha!

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Auggie found me on Facebook, we went to high school together, and after a while she suggested I try Fluther because of my status updates.

After her suggesting it a few times I finally tried. Very quickly I became engaged in some very interesting discussions and was hooked. The group here was like no other I had experienced. I never had really participated in any Q&A sites or blogging before.

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Cheers folks, but special thanks must go to Dirk & Menstruating Mother
They even made their very own, if somewhat bizarre, little thread…bless :D

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I should change my username to that.

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I bring a lot of intestinal gas.

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I joined because I like the Q&A format as a way to discuss and learn about many things.

I bring some specific knowledge related to my vocation, and also a lot of life experience which I am willing to discuss openly. I’ve found that talking about life’s hardships not only helps others facing similar situations know that they are not alone and help them know there is life after the drama is behind you; but I’ve also found it helpful in my own recovery in lifting the veil of shame and sense of worthlessness that often comes from victimhood.

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