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How did you find your significant other?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) February 3rd, 2015

Or how did they find you?

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My significant other found another significant other and now I am only significant to myself and billions of friends.

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College. She organized a bus trip to DC to support reproductive freedom (1992) and was on my bus. I didn’t get to know her until a year or so later when we had both moved off campus and our status had changed.

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Mine worked at the same place. She’d worked there a couple years, I finally asked her out. We dated a couple times.

Fast forward 23 years. We reconnect on Facebook. She is married and lives far away. Her marriage falls apart, we correspond a lot. 6 months ago we get together, now we are seeing each other for about five days every month.

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I did that & the bitch come running.

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She was my first bosses wife (now my sister in law)sister, the funny thing was we didn’t even start dating until, after I left and started a new job elsewhere.

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I breezed through the ‘Orkut’ google thing and saw a picture, read a profile, and sent an email. Then we skype chatted overseas for roughly 4 years, and then I moved over and have lived with her for 2 years now. At first, she thought I was a product of her ex-boyfriend doing some weird stuff on the internet (though she didn’t reveal this until a year later). We met in person for the first time after a year of chatting online. I visited her in Ireland.

She’s a polka (polish female), and apparently my American accent was beyond doubt.

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We worked together and became friends long before we tried dating. Then we fell in love. 31 years later we are still together.

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In a lawn mower repair shop.

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In a SWM looking for SWW in a Dallas newspaper! I almost threw it away and replied to half a dozen others first. You pick it up for free at various Dallas locations. It was like a game to me. I had a blast checking my mailbox daily for new ones. lol

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@flutherother Now you’re giving away our secret!

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We knew each other as friends for quite awhile first. M was in two of my classes in my first term back at college after my surgeries, so 3 years ago now. I more quickly noticed his more outgoing and charismatic friend so it was awhile before I got to know M. We were both in a small group of students who went to Bar Harbor for two months in the summer of 2013 for a school project, so that’s where I really got to know him. I was dating someone else at the time, though. I couldn’t stop thinking about M and when my relationship with my ex went sour I knew what I wanted. He’d been crushing for awhile too.

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On a website that we both had an interest in. It was not a dating site. We just started talking through forums and eventually started IMing and it went from there. Now we have been together for almost ten years.

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During one of my excursions to the Middle East, I was befriended by a Saudi doctor who told me he had an Egyptian cousin in the US and lo and behold the guy lived in my city.
I promised I would look him up next time I went home.
I called the guy and he invited me to a party at his house. All Arabs. Tons and tons of food and constant chatter.
And his sister’s daughter.
Love at first sight.

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I wrote my guy a parking ticket. He tore it up and gave it back to me. I could have let him deal with the fines for not paying, or I could have voided it. I chose the latter. We’re coming up on 38 years now.

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I used to work for him.

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