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This is for anyone living in the US, if you don't have medical insurance do you have to pay to have your children vaccinated?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19398points) February 3rd, 2015

Just wondering if this was one of the reasons people choose not to?
That with other beliefs, so can anyone tell me do you have to pay, if you don’t have medical insurance?
Oh, and if you do have to pay how much is it?

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If you are willing to make a few calls you can certainly get them for free. The vaccines them self are incredibly cheap. Here is a list of prices for the actual vaccine. Note those prices are for a pack of ten.

It is totally a personal choice and cost does not play a role unless your child never ever goes to a doctor.

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Where I live you can take your kids to the county health department and get them vaccinated for free. All it costs is time, it’s done on a couple Saturdays each month and the lines are long.

Anyone can get vaccinated, you don’t have to be a kid.

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@zenvelo and @johnpowell have it right.

If you go to a doctor’s office you will pay an office fee.

But just about every county/parish/state has a Public Health department where parent can get inoculations for their kids (and themselves) either at no cost, or highly subsidized.

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Many states have government medical insurance coverage for children under 18, even before Obamacare started.

I am pretty sure every state has programs for free childhood vacciations for those who can’t afford them. Especially the airborne ones. Most vaccines are very inexpensive.

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…and to add to @JLeslie‘s comment that most vaccines are inexpensive, whatever the cost is incalculably more worth avoiding the risk and expense of the illness.

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Yes, for the most part, unless you can find a government agency that will pay for it. There is no such thing as a “free ride.” Ask many homeless people who have lost everything because of medical costs.

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@pachy If you’re poor and can’t pay for enough food throughout the day, getting a vaccine wouldn’t be at the top of your list probably. Especially if you rarely go to the doctor.

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@JLeslie, point taken.

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