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What is your ideal basic T-shirt?

Asked by robinpeterson (58points) February 4th, 2015

I’m on the fence about whether or not to buy myself some Reigning Champ T-shirts. I don’t like how the fit looks, but I know for certain it’s great quality.

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Hane’s, Beefy T.
Basic, inexpensive, durable and they have nothing to say. They’re all ‘do’.

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I prefer a little larger, thicker T-Shirt. I absolutely hate those thin, clingy t shirts, either on me or anyone else.

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They have a little breast pocket, which is very cool, and they are just this side of being bullet proof.

I have a black Carhart T-shirt that is 15 years old. A little faded to be sure, but totally intact and real comfortable.

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I used to live the Gap basic T, or my favorite T? I’m not sure what it’s called. Cut for women (I don’t know if you are female?). I always buy the long T’s. They aren’t in stores anymore, but an employee told me you can order them online. Soft cotton, nice fit, reasonably priced.

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Target always has about eight different styles of women’s tees. Usually not beefy, but nice colors and lots of different shapes. Are you a woman?

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Good to see you @susanc!

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I love J Crew everything including t shirts, they are really awesome

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A plain white shirt with nothing on it.

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