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Fun Question: Can anyone recommend a great Whiskey or Bourbon for under $100?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5674points) February 5th, 2015

The guy I’ve been seeing for about 6 months is a whiskey/bourbon lover and I’d like to give him a nice bottle for Valentine’s Day.

My budget is $100 but I’m willing to stretch to about $120 if it’s something particularly good or somewhat unusual. I live in NYC so I have plenty of liquor stores to look in but would also considering ordering something online.

Any fun suggestions?

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Well, how much do you want to give him?

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Are you saying he likes bourbon? Or, other whiskeys also?

I like Pinch brand Scotch. I think it has a nice gift looking bottle and tastes good. It’s not at the top of your price range though.

I should say I’m not a connoisseur.

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Thomas H Handy Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

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Good question! I’m more concerned with quality than quantity. :)

He’s a slow-sipper so I want to give him something small batch/single barrel that he can enjoy on the rocks on a cold winter’s night.

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You do realize it isn’t whiskey or bourbon. Bourbon is a whiskey.

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Fair point. I’m definitely not a connoisseur. That’s why I’m asking.

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So, does he only like bourbon? Or, other whiskeys too?

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He likes whiskys in general. He’s on a Craigellachie and Four Roses Single Barrel kick at the moment, I think.

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Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve 120 proof smooth, available in some states in a 0.75 liter bottle. Costs about $50.00

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Give him a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and a blowjob.

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Go look at the single-malt Scotch in the grocery store and buy him a bottle of Lagavulin. He’ll never have heard of it and he’ll think you ARE a conoisseuse (feminine version of conoisseur).
Or you could probably spring for a delicious Dalwhinnie and have a chance to make fun of the name together. Enjoy! You’re nice to do this for this guy.

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