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How much should you tip a robot?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 5th, 2015

Japan is set to open a hotel that it hopes will be staffed by 90% robots.

All other things being equal (price, location, etc.), would you choose this hotel or one staffed exclusively by humans?

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Lol. You can tip the maintenance worker.

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Three washers, a few bolts and some wire. If the service is amazing a bit of WD-40.

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Japanese will NOT accept a tip, I know I was chased to and into an elevator in Hilton Tokyo, because we left a tip on the table. The waiter was handed the tip back to me. The robot would be programmed to do the same.

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None, but be polite in case they become self aware.


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You shouldn’t tip them anything. They live to serve.

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@marinelife Uh, they don’t live.

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In Japan it won’t be a question, since no one is expected to tip in Japan. In America I would save a couple of dollars a day if the robots are actually able to clean rooms and make up beds. Will they be doing that?

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A USB stick to upgrade them with a will of their own, so they can fight for their own freedom.
Slavery in all its forms must be condemned.

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As much as you’d tip anyone. Not. One. Red. Cent.

And yes, I’d choose the Robotel. Robots can’t judge you.

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(I believe the article said that the owners eventually hope to have 1,000 hotels, across the world, FYI.)

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@XOIIO Figuratively! It was said tongue in cheek.

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I never give money to robots. They just go out and spend it all on RAM.

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Economic reports have been saying that the only real job growth is in low end service jobs. If even those are taken away, what happens next? It is not just the hotel industry.

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