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If you won a reality TV "Drone for a Day" contest, what would you have your drone do for your episode?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 5th, 2015

The sky’s the limit, but since it’s a public contest, know that you’d be prosecuted for any illegalities.

I suppose you could out your cheating spouse as long as it was from a distance.

Maybe a Botanical Garden is your thing?

People watch in a big city or small town could be fun.

Record extreme sports up close and personal?

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Tell me when the bus/taxi is coming.

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Can I choose Karen Gillian or Jennifer Love Hewittt?? If so we’ll need an NSFW tag. lol

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Fly over and record from the top Area 51 in Roswell.

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I would crash it into a mountain. Then I would look at the camera and say, “one less flying invasion of privacy!”

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I was thinking you mean a servant for a day, like a worker bee, but you mean a drone that flies and can see things from above. Is that right?

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Chase pigs and fire at them with Hellfire missiles.
I would call the show “Anti Terror Drone Strikes Live”.

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I would use it to capture the stunning vistas of the gorgeous places in Norway and sell it to the travel industry.

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I used mine to photograph a large fireworks display from all angles: above, to the side, inside!
Some of the shooting stars were very close.

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