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What are you doing on summer holiday?

Asked by panspermia (308points) July 14th, 2008

You all know that the schools are closed and its time to go on holiday. I already went on summer holidays. This summer i want to do somethings different. I mean, every summer i read lots of books, hanging out with friends, watching movies etc..There is nothing else i can do at summer..Thats why i am so bored and stuck in the middle of nowhere!!....So i consider that you may have a summer plan to do…What’s on your list?

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Why not enjoy the weather benefits of summer? Why not go outside? Take a car, bus or train on an outing to a place where there is water and trees. Maybe hills or mountains if that is part of the area you live in.

Call a friend. Play sports.

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generally i take a car and straying…calling friends and enjoying…i mean i did what you suggest to me…thx by the way =)

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Get a part time job or enroll in some sort of class (art, music etc) to keep yourself busy. Volunteer somewhere.

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Start an Ultimate frisbee league in your town. Or join a team.

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