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Do you think "easy-opening" sells well?

Asked by longgone (17102points) February 6th, 2015

This old thread made me wonder: Could a number of those easy-opening tabs be for show? And, thus, not necessarily created to work?

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I doubt that it’s ever an actual criterion that people base a buying decision on. It seems to be just another little piece of the positivity blitz that the seller wants to overwhelm you when you see the product. The product wants to be your best friend, so it tells you that in as many ways as possible. It’s the overall effect that counts more than any one piece of the message.

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On some products, such as heat-in-pouch microwavable packages, it’s nearly essential that hey have a clearly defined ‘notch’. Impossible to open without scissors, otherwise.

Nearly every time I encounter a lift top can I think, “Man, I wish they’d just charged less for the traditional can.” I’m almost always home and have a can opener at my fingertips.

Some sort of ‘easy open’ is long overdue on Mylar bags – chips and multi-serving candy packages. Who hasn’t slung chips, mini candy bars, etc all over the car/room trying to pry those boogers open?

And what about those plastic films they put over dip and cottage cheese?? The tab breaks off, then when you get it started , it just shreds?

Zip strips on the end of the cardboard packages are a great success, IMP. Nearly always work, and the old ‘Tuck flap in here’ packaging almost always rips, or you can’t pry the slot open for the flap.

I really question the need/wisdom of the proliferation of zip closures on everything. I buy whole filets of salmon (1 piece, sealed, frozen) that are packed in a zip overwrap. WTH am I going to use that for?

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Cds and DVDs are the worst; they really could use easy-opening!

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It does at my house, assuming that it truly is “easy-opening”.

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First read this question as pertaining to prostitution.

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I have to disagree with @thorninmud (this may be a first!): For myself and others whose dexterity is limited and/or painful, “easy open” is a key factor in purchasing decisions. As the human lifespan has extended and especially with a large proportion of the population over 65, I have seen more emphasis paid to packaging options. To me, this means that the people who do the market research must be hearing this request from enough folks that the corporations are willing to invest in developing these options for the consumers.

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@hearkat Good point. I’ll have to unfriend you now, but good point.

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@thorninmud I like that way of looking at it.
@ibstubro Those plastic flaps. I always end up with my finger dipped in cream cheese.
@janbb DVDs often do, around here. Would you like me to send you some plastic wrapper?
@marinelife If only it were.
@ucme Nope, sorry.
@hearkat Another possibility. If it sells, though, there’ll be some companies who will add features which work – and then there’ll be others just following the trend without paying attention to functionality.

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Yeah, I worked that out, like 3 secs later.

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OMG…since I am down to like 6 good fingers out of ten with trigger finger, tendonitis and arthritis in my thumbs and wrists, “easy open” is, usually a complete and utter lie. lol
I struggle with everything it seems. Ripping off the strip on re-sealable bags that never rip right, and never re-seal right either. The foil covers on yogurts and applesauce cups that never peel off easily, and of course, the child proof ( adult proof ) medicine bottles.

Everything hurts my fingers and hands these days, getting old is hell. I wish they made easy tear bales of hay.
I was just down feeding the horses and split open a new bale of hay and since we weigh out the hay for each horse you always have to forcefully rip apart a flake to comp the regular flakes that actually FLAKE off. Trying to rip apart a tightly compacted flake of hay is a killer. haha

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