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Can women be dangerous to your health?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28849points) February 6th, 2015

Specifically women on top when having sex.


[I want to thank the Brazilian researchers who took on the task of conducting this study, and I give honors to the British newspaper who, against stiff opposition, decided to publish it.]

The question: will this newfound knowledge change your practices?

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Apparently so.
Not with me though & no, I won’t be changing positional procedure.
Funny how religion & humping continues to be linked, the wife not only calls out the nazarine’s name on the cusp of climax, but also says this…“thy rod & staff, they comfort me”

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Bless her heart :-)

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Pssshhhh! Futurama already figured that one out. Death by snu snu!

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Having actually gone and read the article I wouldn’t worry about it. Doggy style was nearly as dangerous in terms of penile fractures but the actual numbers were very low

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Probably won’t change our habits.

I did notice that the study did not address penile fractures with accompanying bite marks.

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