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Is your career going to end when you die?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) February 8th, 2015

The other day I heard a lady in the field of education saying that the day her career ends will also be the day she dies. Are you so passionate about your career that you cannot imagine life away from it? Not even retirement?!

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I will not die when my career ends, which I think is what you are asking. I have a life that is separate from my work (though some days, it doesn’t feel like it).

My career will, of course, die when I die.

My field will go on without me.

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I will not be programming when I’m on my death bed. Fuck that, lol. I actually fully expect to make a major career shift at some point. I can’t imagine doing the same thing forever.

My advisor for my senior project had cancer and got really bad during the course of our work together. He stopped coming into campus to meet with me about 1 week before he passed away. I was pretty astounded by him.

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Well, being dead sort of makes it impossible to continue working.

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No . I will die when my career ends.

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I’m planning to live forever. So far, so good.

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All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy.
That’s kind of it really.

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@CWOTUS Immortality is overrated… especially when no one believes you.

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No I think the transport industry will continue on well enough with out ,me.

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A better question would be “how many of us will be compelled for economic reasons to “die in the saddle?”.

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I am fairly certain I will drop dead while working. I’m okay with that.

My industry however, will continue along just fine without me.

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Oh no, retirement is looming for me.

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I hope I will still be able to tell a good story to amuse everyone and lift the mood before I close my eyes on my death bed.

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I hope so. My employer likes to get their pound of flesh, but once I die, I hope they’ll let me stop working then. I don’t fancy being found in my office years from now, still tapping away at my keyboard.

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I’m looking forward to retiring. I definitely don’t want to keep on working. Only 20 years to go!

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I thought this question was about certain careers being dead once you died or left the career.

Mail Sorting is a dying career. Less people are sending mail these days and more and more of it is automated. When the people who work here retire, almost all of them will likely not get replaced.

How many door to full time door sales people are around? Almost none as far as I can tell.

Photo processing used to be a worthwhile field to go into. Now almost nobody does it. You can do it all yourself with digital cameras.

Joe Bush is the last organ grinder in New York. Once he dies, the entire career will be dead in this country.

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^ That is what it’s about. However, the wording of the question made me imagine my boss’s glee at being able to keep me working even after I’m a corpse! It’d cut down on the wages bill I guess.

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From the details, I don’t think this question is about careers that are dying. Perhaps the OP will come back to clarify, though.

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