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How do I know what USB Cable to buy?

Asked by veryconfused (1points) July 14th, 2008

How do I know what USB cable to buy? There are about a million USB cables online, and I’m not really sure what to get. It’s for a digital camera.

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It really depends on the camera type, since there are 4 different USB connectors. You’ll probably want a USB 2.0 cable with a USB A or B connector. Check out What Does That Look Like of the different types of USB Cables.

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A to B USB cables are primarily for larger devices like printers. Some cameras (like my Sony Cybershot) have a proprietary interface and cable that comes with the camera. Many cameras use an A to Mini B connector. It does not really matter which type you get, just make sure it is USB 2.0, the right length (I suggest a 3 or 6 foot cable), and will plug into your camera. Newegg has many cables for a good price.
To give you a definitive answer we will need to know the camera make and model.

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I would go to the cameras website and check or simply bring it into the store where your going to buy the cable.

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