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How can I get over my crippling fear of broken bones?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5674points) February 10th, 2015

I’ve fixated on this for years. It’s “funny” to some people, but it’s not funny to me. If I see a broken bone in a movie or even in a written description in a book, I’ll fixate on it for weeks, and it’ll disturb me a lot. It even interrupts my sleep and everyday thoughts.

I’ve never had a serious fracture but did dislocate my knee as a teenager, which was obviously not fun. If someone even tells me about a broken bone, I’ll feel faint, sweaty, and nauseous—pretty much the classic symptoms of a full blown panic attack. I’m even too scared to Google “fear of broken bones” because I’m afraid of what I’ll see or even read! Just typing the words “broken bones“makes my blood run cold.

Last night, my boyfriend and I were watching “Better Call Saul” and there was a scene where two characters get their legs brutally broken by a “bad guy”. I turned away before I could see the most violent part, but still heard the cracking and screaming. I ended up hyperventilating and sobbing inconsolably for 20 minutes while my boyfriend tried to comfort me to no avail. I felt horrible for what must have seemed like an overreaction to network TV violence, but I was genuinely frightened and upset.

I’m not crazy. This is my only phobia but I know it’s an unusual one and it’s upsetting me because I don’t want to live in fear every time I turn on TV or go to the movies because I know media is becoming increasingly violent and I can’t shield myself from it 100%. Help!

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I have trypophobia, the only thing that I have found personally to help lessen my fear was exposure to similar images, for example, geometrical coloring books.
It sounds stupid, but I don’t freak out anymore if I google trypophobia, so I know it has worked for me. Maybe you could get an anatomy coloring book (they sell them at Barnes & noble) and force your self to color images of leg bones (none will be broken). It might help and even if it doesn’t, it’s cheaper than a professional therapist will be.

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They say fear is often based on ignorance and not understanding. Or it could be due to a personal buried memory. Learn more about it discover or uncover the source of your fear and it should be lessened.

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Watch Youtube videos of bone surgery and related stuff and soon you won’t bat an eyelid as you get used to it.

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Thinking that Chucky might be under your bed because you think he is real, would be a fear based on ignorance.
Having a phobia is completely different.

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It really is true that facing our fears helps. I have made great strides in getting able to deal with arachnophobia.

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