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What kind of object would you be based on your personality?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) July 14th, 2008

Be as creative as you can, because creativity is my main concern with this question.

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A Porsche
Beautiful, a complete rush of adrenaline 24/7! But, not so easy to drive, expensive to keep, very hard to get, and a great investment if you are willing to keep it for more than 20 years (or in my case, days)

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Take a wild guess!

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I’d have to say I’d be a vibrator (or, let’s say a personal massage device). I offer pleasure in so many different ways!

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An empty tomb
Without Jesus conquering death life would be meaningless

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A well worn pair of old cowboy boots…been through alot, traveled alot, visiually hard on the eye’s, but appealing to some. Having the ability to do anything (albiet running is tough in them, but what’s life without a little work).

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What rockstar said I’m with it 100%.

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A Rubik’s cube. If you take the time to know me, it becomes satisfying. If you lose patience, you want to throw me across the room into a furnace.

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A big comfy bean bag or Papa-San…

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