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How is this Valentines day present?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) February 10th, 2015

So, we all know the big Valentines day is coming up. With that in mind, all of the men are definitely scrambling around looking for things to get their woman, or to make for her. My idea is that I make her a flip book. I’m not an artist by any means, and I can’t draw anything well! However I have an idea that deals with a heart, and exploding into her name, and I love you. Any ideas, or feedback on this? I hope this is a good one, and I hope I can do this! Also any back up plans?

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Umm….You want to be careful about conforming to that stereotype the girls like to pin on us guys involving our eagerness to blow stuff up.

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@stanleybmanly well it’s not much of a violent bomb setting explosion I’m thinking of…More of like…a pop. lol Kinda like when you pop a balloon.

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oh, a romantic blossoming? I’m sure it will be tasteful.

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While that sounds lovely and hopefully something she cherishes for years you might want to get some candy and flowers too.

It is a cheap insurance policy.

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Ummm .. Depending on your age and the nature of your relationship I would not consider it a good gift. Sure personal gifts get points but there is a definite cheese and cheap factor as well as possibly too syrupy sweet.

Right now I would love a blooming plant. You can decorate the pot to make it personal. Orchids are great make sure it is in bloom a color that is special to her or you as a couple. Also make sure it has plenty of unblossomed buds on it. We are all aching for a bit of spring and orchid flowers are not only pretty and exotic as well as symbolic but the flowers last a long time if treated right and when it is finally done blooming you can trim it to a node and it will eventually bloom again. I personally have three of them and they are such a joy to me. You can add the flip book as a card or decorate the pot.

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I like the flip book idea!

My husband rarely scrambles around for Valentine’s Day. I don’t want him too.

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My husband and I don’t even exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, so it all depends on your girlfriend. Surely you know her better than us. I personally don’t have any interest in getting flowers that are going to die in a few days, or even a plant I have to take care of. I eat chocolate every day, so no assortment of chocolates (half of which aren’t even good) is going to turn me into goo.

We’ll be going to a Mexican restaurant to avoid the crowds and probably picking up a half dozen donuts on the way home, followed by sex and sleep just like any other Saturday night. I’d probably be impressed if my husband put enough thought and effort into something like your flip book idea. It’s a bit cheesy, sure, but it’s more unique than getting some generic gift like flowers and chocolate which requires no thought at all. If I want candy, I can go out and get some of the non-Valentine’s Day non-overpriced variety. I won’t find a flip book with my name in it at the store, though.

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I think a handmade gift is great. I recommend also adding to it either dinner (dinner you make or dinner in a restaurant), and/or flowers, and/or something sweet to eat. Just my suggestion. You know her better than we do, so you know better what she will like and appreciate. Is she a “new” girlfriend or one that you have had for a long time?

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Yes, it will be very surprise because you are going to add your feel to it. And add few things like the most surprised and memorable day between you and yours lover.

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I don’t know if you have a Flip book primer, but there are tons of ideas and instructions online.

I think it’s a sweet idea. You might tuck it into a basket with some of her favorite goodies, as your budget allows – anything from movie tickets w/theatre candy to incense to jewelry to exotic tea or coffee or fuzzy socks. You don’t have to spend a bundle, it really is the thought you put into it that counts.
(Think Big Lots if you’re on a budget, just make sure to peel the tags.)

Not to take away from your flip book idea, just to add a little insurance and give it a bit of build up.

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S… I think it’s great idea. The more personal the gift, the better. Always.

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I think it’s a splendid idea! She will so appreciate the work you put into it!

Only thing I’ve told my husband about Valentines day is that if he gets me flowers (total waste of money) or chocolates (not in my diet) I will kill him. So I imagine Valentines Day will got the way my birthday always goes, unnoticed and unremarked.

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I think that is awesome!

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Great idea and it will mean so much that you made it.

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Sounds great go ahead with your plan but in case you failed in it backup plan would be create give something handmade it can be greeting, clay jewelry dish, photo clock.

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Let us know what you give and how she likes it, @Vincent_Lloyd!

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@jca Will do! I love all the advice that’s being given! Of course I want to take her out somewhere as well! Dinner, or even the beach or whatever. And of course, I want to give her something else than just the flip book. But it’s not even all dependent on me, whatever she wants to do that day we’ll do it. I just want to make her feel happy, and loved.

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Oh my goodness, that is such a wonderful idea! I think it is fabulous. In fact, I’m going to jot that idea down and make one for my boyfriend as a gift for another celebration. I personally love the idea of it, so have fun, and yes, let us know how it turns out and what she thinks of it! :)

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So it is valentines day, merry valentines day to you all. It took all night last night for me to make this flipbook and I’m proud of it. When I give it to her, I’ll let you guys know how it went. :)

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