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As you go about your day, do you sometimes wonder what other jellies may be doing or where they may be?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) February 11th, 2015

Do you ask yourself, I wonder how….. is feeling, or how…... managed with his/her problem. Do you ever catch yourself wondering about various jellies?

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Yes, absolutely. Especially when I’m emotionally involved for some reason.

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@longgone yes, emotionally involved! That is a moment when the mind wanders to what others may be thinking or doing at that time.

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Yes. For the last few days I’ve worried about the ones in the northeast getting slammed with snow.
I also wonder how some of the posters have worked out their issues.

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Yes. Surprisingly so. We are strangers yet I care about people here.
I worry about some and wish I could help.

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Sometimes I get wrapped up in a particular jelly’s issues, problem or dilemma and throughout the day I will have little sparks of insight come to me that I can’t wait to share with them. Occasionally first thing in the morning or in the shower I’ll have a ‘eureka’ moment and get immediately to the PC to report it.

More often (not to be too maudlin about it), I seem to find myself thinking about the ghosts of jellies past – members that I’ve had long, on-going dialogue with or fondness for that don’t seem to be around any longer. I’m tickled that @keobooks is back in the swim of things and I’m always relieved to see @Knowitall back, whether I interact with her or not.

I’m drawn to jellies that I neither agree nor disagree with, but that have a strong moral sense and the strength of their convictions. And a sense of humor.
I wonder what @jonesn4burgers is doing right now.

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Sometimes. I often see things in my travels that make me think of Jellies, like this, which I saw two summers ago, downtown.

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I suppose it’s unavoidable, but I prefer to view the phenomenon as being dogged by certain of the questions throughout the day.

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Rarely, haha.
I’m a very in the moment type. I will, on occasion, remember something going on here and think how I will look forward to dropping in later to see whats up with said person or situation but I’m not the type to get super emotionally attached.
Concern yes, curiosity yes, empathy yes, being preoccupied all day, no.

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Virtually never, although I have been thinking a lot about one jelly lately.

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I frequently marvel at how some of you go about your daily business without banging into shit, considering your heads are firmly implanted up your arses :D
Only joking, it’s good for morale you know :)

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What are you all doing right now?

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It’s 5:00 am . I found myself worrying about an upcoming deadline and needed to pee so I got up . More snow fell last night and my setback thermostats are working so it’s cold out here. I’m going back to bed!

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Only the women, but then I just follow them…..

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Setting at the puter, @Mimishu1995. Duh. ~ ~

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At work eating this new yogurt I like called “Siggi’s Icelandic style Skyr.” It’s got more protein and less sugar. It’s vanilla flavored and I put in blueberries and chopped up walnuts. I am leaving work early to take a decoupage class at a local library.

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8:57 a.m. in warm and mostly sunny CA.
Still in my PJs sipping coffee and about to go down and feed the horses, take off their blankets, turn them out in the sunshine to romp and then, unloading about 400 lbs. of canned goods from the trunk of my car that I left last night when I got home. Then…making a yummy pot of chili for dinner. :-)

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I tend to think about technical problems jellies have presented more than emotional ones.

Emotional problems we’re only given one version of one side, and I suspect that there are people that just want an affirmation that what they said/did/perceived was the best of all possible options. I can’t do that. Sounding board, yes. Relationship counselor, no.

But if a jelly asks how they can get X to stick to Z without involving Y, I’m all over it. There was once a question about attaching bridles to stick ponies that I was all over for days! lol I’d be in the shower and ‘BAM!’, a new solution would pop up.

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Haha…I’m that jelly that @ibstubro is referring to. And I can attest that he was an idea MACHINE. I think he had ideas coming out of his ears—and they were good ones too!

@ibstubro ROCKS!!

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If a jelly has been struggling with something I’m likely to think of them when not using Fluther. I don’t dwell on other jelly’s lives (anymore than I do friends in RL). Sometimes it’s very clear a person we talk to here is facing a major problem in their life or they disappear and I wonder where they are and if they’re okay. I don’t know how you can be a caring person and not wonder about people under such circumstances.

As to what I’m doing, I’m working or trying to. I’m struggling with an internet connection that feels like I’m surfing through treacle this morning. It’s very frustrating and I’m finding it hard to get things done. Typing here seems less laggy than other tasks I’m trying to complete.

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Aww, shucks, @fluthernutter, I just love solving a good problem. I love creative solutions! I routinely quiz people in retail stores if they are looking for help from a salesperson and not getting it. I can usually come up with something or 5. lol

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Well…I have been here long enough now ( 5 years in March ) and have felt very sad over the sudden death of one amazing jelly, and the suicide or accidental overdose of another brilliant young guy. THOSE were tough, even if I never really met these people.

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@ibstubro Haha…you’re too funny.

To answer the actual question since I’m just loitering…yes, I do think of jellies throughout the day. If I know they’re having a particularly difficult day or something exciting is happening in their lives. Often sending good vibes to my fellow jellies.

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I sometimes wonder how their straitjacket fitting is going & how the fuck their poor spouses put up with them :D

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The great thing about Fluther, and the internet in general, is that it personalizes current events for us. Put’s a personality that we interact with on top news items. I can’t hear about the frigid temperatures and snow in the NE without thinking of @jca, @janbb, and @gailcalled suffering through the real deal.
Of course, @Coloma is the face of the SW drought.

We have members that live just minutes from Sandy Hook. I have quite a bit of experience with Ferguson Mo.

Just about anything that makes headlines, we have a member close or with personal knowledge.

So, yeah, I think of other jellies more than I realize.

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@ibstubro Good points, I think about those too, and, I am sure, many of us are wondering how things are going with @Jonsblond and @Blondesjon this morning after their medical emergency last night. Still waiting to find out how everything is shaping up with them. :-(

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Been wondering about BlondesJon, but he’s OK. Yay!

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I had this fucked up dream last night where half a dozen jellies knocked on my door & introduced themselves as such to my butler. He requested they wait in the hall while he inquired if I was at home to visitors. When I heard the news I immediately ordered him to release the hounds & suspended his pay for 3 months for gross dereliction of duties.

I then watched the event play out on CCTV, I tried to make out which of you came calling, but alas, was unable to recognise any faces in the mass of snarling teeth & ripped clothing.
Still, never mind, if they’d only made an appointment :D

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