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How to mend the fence when neighbors set up high defense?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) February 11th, 2015

High wind blows down the good neighbor fence, neighbor ”Bill” wants to get the fence repaired paying as little as possible and not caring about the skill or craftsmanship of who does it, so long as it is cheap. Neighbor “Karen” wants to hire someone with good skills, a solid reputation, that guarantee their work, she is willing to spend an above median price to get it done right and well. Since they both have to pay half, how do they mend the fence if they can’t come together on the repair person or handyman? So long as they are at odds over cost, craftsmanship, etc. the fence remains unrepaired. Have you ever been in a stalemate like that, and how did you break it?

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Build two fences… one on each side.

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Have insurance fix it and neither one pays. Insurance company can pick the repair person.

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Good question my parents have the situation. It is unmended still.

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Depends on how high de fence is.

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Really depends on who’s property the fence is on, therefore relegating the issue to that person.

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Bob buys the materials and Karen hires someone to provide the labor and skill set.

I assume it is a wood fence so a couple of things to keep in mind. Use 4×4 posts, not the shaped landscaped timbers, use three horizontal rails in lieu of two (the extra cost is minimal in the overall scope of things), do not make the rail joints on the same posts, spring for the cedar pickets because the treated ones warp and twist and don’t last as long, the pickets will shrink, not swell so put them closer together than you think you should. Down here a fence constructed this way by a subcontractor will run between $12.00 – $14.00 a running foot

btw down here the price is usually split 60/40 depending on who gets the “finished” side of the fence (the side without the rails)

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Flip a coin.
Play jan ken pon.
Have a duel with swords.
Have an arbiter decide.

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You’ll have difficulty getting the cheap fence neighbor to spring for an expensive fence. When I’ve been in this predicament, I’ve split the cheap fence cost and paid the extra myself. Otherwise, you’ll have no fence and if there is tension, that is the worst of both worlds.

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Put it up themselves?

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Tear down the fence, invite the neighbor for coffee, get to know them as a good friend, and discuss planting a joined garden.

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