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Does god have feet?

Asked by lion610 (1points) July 15th, 2007

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I'm pretty sure that's a question you need to answer for yourself. If you believe in God and the bible, and the idea that man was created in the image of God, then it stands to reason that we have feet because God has feet. I've no idea what he would need them for, but then again I'm not very religious myself.

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No God. No feet. Have a good day!

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Q: When does God stand on one foot?
A: When he's putting his pants on...

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I think it all comes down to what you believe. If you believe that we were created in the image of God, he/she/it probably has feet. If you believe God is a ball of light he/she/it probably does not have feet. Or if you believe there is no God, then there's no feet.

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Yes, and they can walk on water.

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If you're inquiring about Christian views of God... God doesn't have feet, or a body. But in some transcendent way we're spiritually made in God's image. Googling for "does god have a physical body" leads to some potential answers. There are probably a few Protestant churches which believe that God has a physical body, but I think those are in the minority, and Catholics and Protestants generally think God doesn't have a physical body--except as Jesus. Mormons believe God has a physical body.

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Moses and Jesus are standing by the Sea of Gallilee, surrounded by their admiring multitudes. . Moses strides off and remains on the water's surface. Jesus starts but sinks rapidly. When he wades to shore, he says," Moishe, how did you do that?"
Moses says, "Goyishe kopf, walk on the rocks."

I don't know about feet but I believe that G*d, or at least, the G*d of the OT, has a sense of humor. Most of his followers do, also. They have certainly needed it.. (No offense meant, BTW).

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Now, why Moses, a Hebrew who grew up in Pharaoh's palace, would speak Yiddish ("goyishe kopf" loosely translates as "silly gentile," or more directly as "gentile-head") is beyond me.

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It's just a joke...Let me know whether you want to hear the one where Merlin and King Arthur use Hebrew as a punch line for a Passover joke. As a Jew, the only ethnic jokes I tell are Jewish ones...Acc'ding to my grandmother, "Goyishe kopf" is never translated literally, but is an affectionate way of saying to a non-Jew, "Oy vey, you are such an idiot"...the way kids speak to each other.

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I know that one. I believe the punch line is "Why is this knight different from all other knights?" Trust me, I've heard 'em all. I do think, however, that there is a slight problem with the one you first posted. You say, "as a Jew, the only ethnic jokes I tell are Jewish ones," but the problem is that this joke isn't at "your" expense. The butt of the joke is Jesus, and the Christian belief that he walked on water. While your grandmother may maintain that "Goyishe Kopf" isn't meant to be translated literally, there is no mistaking the subtly derogatory connotations.

I know it was just a joke, as you say, and I don't mean to be completely without a sense of humor. But in the spirit of Fluther, I thought I'd simply add my two cents.

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My apologies to any I have offended. Unintentional but that doesn't change the fact that what Michael says is valid. I am paying attention and will pay more attention in the future. Very sorry.

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@gailcalled: Don't worry about it, you've got nothing to apologize for. It's cool.

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