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Is this laptop overheating?

Asked by bomyne (636points) February 12th, 2015

It looks like it’s overheating to me. The standard running temp is 76, while it maxed out at 103. But I wanted to get a second (or more) opinion.

Thank you.

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I definitely concur that it is overheating, and at times dangerously so. While Intel CPUs may be more heat tolerant than those from AMD, still, when a CPU is averaging 76 (centigrade), or about 169 (Fahrenheit) that is getting dangerously hot.

I am puzzled about the spread in temperature between the CPU & hard drive. That makes me wonder if the CPU temps are faulty.

Either way—and especially if the case feels hot to the touch—that computer needs to be cooled down, and fast.

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Generally, at least when I was a tech, Laptops had BIOS instructions to shut down tho be e unit before they get damaged by heat. CPU’s had built in thermal protection as well. While your laptop appears to be running pretty hot, it is not i excess of what the CPU will see as too hot. I would, check to ensure all vents and ports are clear of dust and obstructions to let cooling air get to the heat sinks and make sure the fan is working. At those temperatures, your laptop may be hot enough to become a ‘Loin Burner’ and actually cause a burn injury.

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Yes it is overheating.

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I suggest you check the thermal paste and the rams of the fan. These can also contribute to overheating.

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