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Is someone resuscitating long-broken Fluther awards?

Asked by dappled_leaves (15863points) February 12th, 2015

A Skin Diver award was just bestowed on a member of the collective… can the coveted yet currently unattainable Circumnavigator be far behind?

Thanks to whoever is tinkering away quietly behind the scenes!

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I just got the Sea Cheetah..that’s an obscure one. Maybe. haha

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(crosses tentacles)

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I’m looking forward to the “bottom feeder” award myself.

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Really? The award was up? That award should have been mine! ~

But FYI, do you remember the last time the Question for You and the awards stopped working? During that time I happened to see one member got a Starfish award. I thought the awards was back up, so I tested by trying to earn an award myself (including following a spammer, sorry :p) but I got no award. And no more member got any more award until the day things were fixed.

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I can’t answer your question @dappled_leaves, but I haven’t been awarded the skin diver award and I’m sure I’ve been here for 10 days in a row.

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The plot thickens! :)

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I had 39 awards, and now I have 40. I can’t figure out which one is new, but yeah, saaa-weeeet!

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Awards, we don’t need no steenkin awards!

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@ucme Yeah, somebody had to!

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Is that all, I got 41… na nah nana nah :P

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Still haven’t got the one for visiting multiple days in a row.

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Man I got a massive nostalgia hit looking at my awards and going through the list. Even that retired profile fields (temporary) that has been here for who knows how long is still there.

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I got mer-jelly…not sure what that’s for.

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Forget the Circumnavigator, all I need is just one stink’n Jules Verne, and I can leave happy knowing I have done all i can do, my race finished.

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