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Would you like to interview a serial killer? Who?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) February 15th, 2015

Would you be fascinated by such an interview. If you have seen such interviews, could you recommend one that is worth watching to gain insight into their psyche?

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The psychiatrist from the Fort Hood massacre Nidal Malik Hasan. I would like to find out how someone who is supposed to be mentally stable could go on a shooting spree.

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No. I wouldn’t do it even if you paid me.

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No. I wouldn’t even want to get that close to his/her world. No no no.

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It would definitely have to be one that has confessed. People that were able to lead a relatively normal alter-life interest me most. That said, however, I have never delved into the life of any particular serial killer, and have no wish to.

Would I be able to resist the chance to interview one? Probably not. Dennis Rader and John Wayne Gacy would be on my short list.

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I’d like to interview cancer so I could beat the living daylights out of it & thus affect a cure of sorts.

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Yes, I’d find it fascinating. I’m not sure who. I’d have to think on that. I wouldn’t want to do it just for the macabre value, I’d want to learn something about them and their motivation. I’d want to come away with something useful from the experience and not just useful for me. Useful in trying to understand what makes such people tick.

There are a number of YouTube videos of interviews with murderers.

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