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How would you feel if you got a modest box of chocolates from your Valentine on Valentines day...?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 15th, 2015

…and the next day walked in on the gift giver eating a box of chocolates 2–3 times as big that they had bought themselves, during the same shopping event?

If you would do anything, what?

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I would be happy. Does not matter to me.

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Less calories on my hips.

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One year my husband bought me a box of chocolates. I let them sit on the table, trying to avoid them. Finally, about a week later I went to open it…and half of them were gone.

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I wouldn’t give it a moment’s second’s thought.

VD is a made-up holiday for the benefit of candy, card, and flower retailers.

If my relationship with the person in question is so weak that I care about how large a box of chocolate I received….well… not much of a relationship.

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I’d take the hint and step up my game the following year.

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You are describing my cousin ~

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I’d be dissapointed.

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Who likes chocolate more? You or your valentine? If they know you love chocolate, it’s kind of a bummer. If they’re the one with the bigger sweet tooth, it’s to be expected!

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So they’ve only bought me a small box of chocolates but then purchased a large box for themselves? Or someone else gave them a big box of chocolates?

If it’s the first, their present says something about how much they value our relationship. I’d be happy with a small box (or nothing) if money was tight. However, if they then purchased a huge box to eat themselves, I’d say I was just sent an important message.

If someone else bought them the chocolates, well… I obviously have competition. How I respond depends on the stage our relationship is at. If it’s my husband, he’d have some explaining to do!

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Both boxes of chocolate were bought by the same person on the same visit to the same store on Valentines Day.

At the outset, I was just pleased to get something…the gesture, you know.
In reality, it was only gesture, because a 14 oz. box of Russel Stover candy is less desirable to me than a Hershey bar. There are almost always chocolates in the house, which I buy, but never of a quality lower than Hershey. No Stover. No Whitmans. no ‘Fine Belgium Pralines’. More Lindt, Dove, Harry & David.
At the outset I resisted the urge to throw Stover in the trash. Bleh.

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I guess if I got the small box of chocolate in combination with something else that was special, then it would not bother me. But if I were handed a small box of chocolate, regardless of what the person did for themselves, I would find it insulting.

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@ibstubro: The exception to the above would be if you got some hot sex, including her dressing up in a negligee, and the evening included “special treatment” if you know what I mean, then I would say that would trump the chocolate.

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Um. “Happy Valentine’s Day” as you are handed a 14 oz box of Russel Stovers. Finis. @jca.

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What did you give her, @ibstubro?

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I would prefer a modest box of chocolates over a box that was always tooting its own horn! ;-p

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Well, I won a HUGE GINORMOUS box of chocolates at a family gift exchange over Christmas. Took me all of January and part of Feb to finally finish it off.

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