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Help with Google Apps / DNS Settings?

Asked by livejamie (111points) July 14th, 2008

Ok this is how my current DNS is set up:

It’s the default settings for google apps, now I want to be to use my hosting and be able to use the google apps side of things for mail. Is this possible?

My domain support told me this:
“Now you will need to add the “A” records that are provided by your
web host provider. Two “A” records are needed, the first will
correspond to ”*” and it will point to the IP address
provided by your web host provider. The second will correspond to ”” and will point to the same IP address as the previous
“A” record.”

But that doesn’t really make sense to me, my nameservers are NS11.ETHII.COM and NS12.ETHII.COM

Any help?

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