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What does your mail man smell like?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43562points) February 16th, 2015

Inspired by a jelly who said his post man smells like cabbage, LOL!

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Who the hell gets close enough? Now – the milkman, that’s another story!

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I have no idea. He sits on a scooter bike and usually only stops long enough to mail in the mail box. Wonder what that person is doing with their postie?

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I really try not to smell other men. And my mailbox is 230 feet from my house, so if I can smell him from there something is bad wrong.

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Like blue cheese gone bad!

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I can’t say I’ve ever sniffed my mail man.

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Car exhaust.
I’m on a rural route.

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Lol @janbb Is getting some cream from the milkman apparently.

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My mail-person smells like miracles. I seriously love the USPS.

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The postman regularly knocks if a parcel is too big to fit in the box, that’s how we get so close & i’m not doing anything with him, what a strange notion.
The odour wafts in with the fresh air as I open my front door, no sniffing required.
Oh yeah & he smells of cabbage…a lot.

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He is such a slut, he reeks of squid.

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I’ve honestly never laid eyes on him.

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A well known kids TV character over here smells of cow shit.
His name, Postman Pat.

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Mine is a mail woman. She drives a small mail truck and puts mail in the box at the end of the driveway. I have only seen her from a distance of 50–60 feet, and certainly had no opportunity to smell her or her truck.

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