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If you've used Circulon cookware, how has your experience been?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 16th, 2015

Are you pleased?
I’m on the verge of buying a 13 piece set.
I have one pan (10” deep skillet w/ glass lid) that I’ve been using for months now, and I really like it.
Have you used yours longer? Would you recommend it?

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My wife and I inherited a set of Circulon pots about seven years ago, and we’ve been very happy with it. I think it’s easier to wash, and my wife likes how it distributes heat. We don’t have any of their skillets, though. Maybe we’ll have to look into getting one if you like yours so much.

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I had one piece years ago and I wouldn’t buy it again. I felt like the grooves made it harder to clean.

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Sounds like something from battlestar galactica, get it lol


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The Circulon skillets we’ve been using for many years have managed to hang onto their non-stick coating better than other brands. I think the grooved bottom may help with that. No sign of flaking thus far. And as long as the coating is intact, cleaning isn’t a problem, in spite of the grooves.

It’s my go-to omelette and saute pan.

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I’ve had great luck with my skillet, but I bought it used so it may be the ‘old style’ referred to in @XOIIO‘s post. (Head’s up to @SavoirFaire here.) Not an especially pretty picture in that post.

However, I have been happy with my T-fal, even with the problems described in the consumer guide – namely having to replace the heavy-use pans every few years. I don’t believe there is a non-stick yet on the market (invented) that will keep it’s finish forever.

I’ve not had a problem cleaning because of the grooves. Something that really concerns me is that I bought a 2-piece skillet set at Shop-co this week and the surface was so rough that when I rubbed my thumb on it, the pan came away white-ish like an emory board. I dont’t see how that can last. I returned the pans because they were odd sized (no lids will fit), then went looking for a set.

Bergner’s lists the 13 piece set at (a grossly inflated) $450. If I buy one in the next 2 days, I can get it for around $80 plus tax. Might have to bite for that? I need to see the actual finish on the pans I’ll be buying (non-emory).

Thanks all, and anyone else can weigh in as I’ll not be buying before 2–18.

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Interesting about the old vs. new thing. Ours are definitely old. My wife’s here now reading this over my shoulder, and she says that Circulon pots dropped in quality when they dropped in price. She’s pretty suspicious of them these days—which, as it turns out, is why we don’t own a Circulon skillet.

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Well, I bought a 13 piece set of Circulon today. I needed a new 12+ inch skillet and even on sale T-Fal was $25. 13 pieces of Circulon cost me $108. I tested it for ‘emory board’ texture, and there is none. Very closely resembles the Circulon skillet I’ve been using the past few months.
Oh, I got a $20 gift card, too, so final price with tax was $98. I’ve already started sending pans to recycle.

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We received Circulon as a wedding gift. The pots are holding up well – still somewhat non-stick. We never use metal utensils in them. The grooves are not too hard to clean if you soak them. Maybe we cooked too hot with the frying pan and the big pot, so the Teflon degraded. My wife contacted Circulon about the pot, and they sent us a new one. Very nice of them. We purchased other Circulon frying pans of different sizes, and they all degraded after a while. I use the 8” frying pan as a defrosting plate now. Cheaper than buying a “specially made” (plain aluminum plate) defrosting plate.

T-Fal makes a frying pan with a “new, tougher” Teflon. Seems to be holding up.

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First I’ve heard of Circulon making good on the replacement, @RocketGuy.

I don’t believe that there is such a thing as non-stick that will not degrade over time. Ultimately I felt like $100 for a premium set of pots and pans was a good deal.

I was tempted by the Anolon, but it’s new enough that they’re not coming off the $400 price tag much. Overstock is @ $300 for a set.

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I felt that we might be overheating our frying pans, so felt too guilty to ask for replacement ones from Circulon. The big pot we did not abuse too much, so went ahead and asked. The smaller pots are still OK, despite the years. I think their grooves protect the Teflon.

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Good to hear, @RocketGuy.

I think overheating is probably the biggest enemy of non-stick. I’ve done it and re-seasoned the pan by babying it for a while, but it’s done after getting too hot.

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(note that PTFE-based non-sticks, like Teflon, when overheated outgas something that is poisonous to birds, i.e. keep the conures somewhere that doesn’t share air circulation with the kitchen – or get rid of your non-sticks if you keep birds)

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Teflon is (C2F4)n – It gives off Fluorine gas when heated >500°F. BAD, bad!

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