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What are some smells that you find particularly fragrant?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 17th, 2015

A freshly bathed & powdered baby.
The interior of a brand new car.
Lots to choose from, but the options don’t include my postman, or cabbage…obviously.
This has been asked before, by me I think, but its been a while so…

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Cinnamon buns.
Rose blossoms.
Pine trees on a dry day in the high desert of California.

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Oh, I hate the smell of new cars!

I like,

* the sea
* grass
* wet earth
* wet streets
* clean sheets
* laundry
* cookies baking in the oven

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Balsam trees, lilacs, herbs, lots of flowers, and freshly spread slurry from a dairy farm. You didn’t specify good smells.

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Hydrogen sulfide.

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Puppy breath.

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I love the smell of an orange grove in bloom.
I love plumeria.
Freshly cut grass.

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the ocean.

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Having a pleasant or sweet smell

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vicks vapor rub.

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Me, after a shower and with perfume on.

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Rotting flesh

Sorry, don’t know which jelly got into me and made me type that. I felt possessed by one of them!

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Fresh Magnolia blooms.

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@ZEPHYRA One of the elderly members, your mother perhaps #batesmotel #matricide

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@ZEPHYRA – those go with my hydrogen sulfide,

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Wind blowing over a freshwater lake before a rain shower.

Milo’s breath.

Paper white narcissi I just forced to bloom.

(I loathe the smell of a new car…loaded with chemicals).

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The smell of a daphne flower. Roses pale in comparison.

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New car interior smells divine, all that leather & polished carbon fibre.

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The air after a shower of rain
Night scented stock.

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Garbage, vomit and death.

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A delightful 3 coarse meal, for a zombie.

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A fly zombie. Guess I’d better include poop, too.

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Thought of another I love, freshly baked bread.

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When I was a young kid, my mother and grandmother often took me and my younger brother to Carnation’s, an old fashioned ice cream parlor from the ‘30s that was still in business. I can still almost “taste” how it smelled… HEAVENLY.

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A hardwood fire. Oak and cherry are my favorites.

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Grapefruit, cedar wood, pine trees, potting soil, campfires, cinnamon rolls, the smell of the air in late October, especially if someone has a fire in their fireplace and you are outside in the cool air and maybe there’s also the smell of Jack o lantern candles at the same time. I call that a Halloween smell. An Indian buffet. Fresh garlic bread baking in the oven. Biscuits baking in the oven. Pumpkin pie baking in the oven. Earl Grey tea. Banana bread. Gingerbread. And let’s not forget cardamom.

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