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When used in a pepper mill, do you see a distinct difference in the taste of different colored peppercorns?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 17th, 2015

I use a blend in my grinder. Should I be trying single colors?

Pepper corns, not like black pepper and ground red peppers, etc.

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Green taste different than black, but it all blends together in a blend. I would try them separately.

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I heard white is milder than black, but I’m not an expert.

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Time for a pepper tasting party, @ibstubro —it will go well with the salt tasting party.

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Pink peppercorns are not even a peppercorn, similar taste but beware if you have tree nut allergies. I find it has a rounder taste and not as sharp a taste.

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Love peppercorns in Vodka, put a couple of Tablespoons of cracked pepper ( just put them on the cutting board and push a frying pan on top of them ) into ¾ of a liter of good Vodka. Hide it in a cool spot for a week to ten days. Strain the Vodka from the peppercorns, keep in cool place.

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I’ve only ever seen blend and black, @marinelife. Would be tedious to separate. lol I’ll look for single color containers.

I know ground white is much milder, @jca. When I make garlic cheese bread I mix the butter with a bit of salt, ground white pepper, MSG and garlic, then add grated cheese and spread.

Jumping ahead, @keobooks, perhaps I should make different pepper flavored vodka, set out the salt and ask some really intense cheese questions in prep for the party?

Thanks, @Tropical_Willie. I knew at least one variety wasn’t a true pepper, but I didn’t know the allergen angle.
The vodka sounds delicious. I’ve had the retail flavored. Dirty Martini, anyone?? :-°

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@ibstubro Peppered Vodka is great; so is Sambuca with coffee beans, called con la mosca.

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