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When the phone rings is it usually who you expected it to be? Do you guess correctly most times?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) February 17th, 2015

How do you feel when you hear the phone ring? For some reason I have always been disturbed by a ringing phone. In fact I wish I had no need for a phone.

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Yes and yes. Friggin’ salespeople!

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Caller I.D takes the guesswork right out of it.

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I try to guess who it is before I check caller id. I’m almost always right. But it’s not like I have hundreds of different people calling. I only have 4 regular callers and I can just know by the time of day or day of the week who it is.

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rarely is it a call I look forward to, and I believe it foolish to expect uplifting or enjoyable conversation from the other end of a ringing phone.

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Welcome to the 21st century. I have caller ID on my phone.

I hate it when the phone rings in the middle of the night.

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I have only one phone without caller ID…an old corded one I need for power outage issues. I simply let the voice mail pick up on that one. i can call back within several minutes it I want.

Otherwise, I know who’s calling.

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My phone says out loud who is calling. “Call from Patrick Dempsey.”
I don’t even have to get up to check caller ID to decide if I want to talk to the person.

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When the phone rings I think, “I wonder what this bozo wants”.

I’m too cheap to waste money on caller I.D.. If someone has an important message for me then they will leave a message. If I happen to be there I may or may not answer the phone. Probably 90% of the phone calls that I get are from people asking me for donations.

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Without looking at my caller I.D. I can usually tell who it is… a telemarketer.

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@ucme Caller ID only works when people have land lines or cell phone accounts through the phone company that sends out the phone book. Many telemarketers I get have unlisted, unknown, anonymous, or simply “out of state caller.” Same as friends or family that don’t have phone company blessed phone accounts.

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@kritiper Yes, of course, but any unknown or witheld numbers we tend to ignore anyway.

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Bad news! I’m a texter not a talker and everyone I know is too! ( I can see where they’re calling from if it’s not local its a no)

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Unless they’re already in my phone, I have no clue. I often let the call go to messagebank. I figure if they really want to talk to me, they’ll leave a message.

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I have this ability where I will have a person I know pop into my head at random times. Then I always hear from them on the phone within 24 hours. Not the people I speak with frequently, but people out of the past: friends, ex co-workers, a relative, or a person that I met some time before. I never know when they will call, there is no set pattern, but just that they will do so. I have other timely things happen where I will think about a person or situation, not involving myself, and then within a few days there will be news about them or the situation comes to pass. I have also had some horrible premonitions and when they have occurred, it is devastating. It has happened to others in my family, from different generations. I really don’t share this with many people because of the mixed reactions I have received. People can be dismissive and cruel. I guess that I do save $ on Caller ID! So there’s a plus! :)

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