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Care to discuss the road rage incident that left a mother dead?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) February 18th, 2015

I guess some guy was acting like an ass on the road. The woman and her daughter managed to get away from him, but then the woman went home and got her 22 year old son and he got his gun, and they went looking for the guy. They found him. The guy shot the mother dead.

What in the world made her think that was a wise thing to do?

Is this possibly the result of the “I’m the nicest person in the world, but if you mess with my family I’ll become the bitch from hell” BS that keeps getting touted on Face Book, like it’s some sort of great quality for a woman to possess?

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I really don’t understand why they went out looking for the guy. That makes no sense. They say it was for protection, but I think just leaving it be would have been smarter.

I’m not condoning the shooting at all, but “let’s go find the crazy, angry man” seems to be the stupidest idea ever.

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It’s got fuck all to do with women, people in general are carrying so much anger, so many issues around with them, buncha ticking timebombs waiting to go off.
Anyone seeking a career in anger management will be a fucking billionaire in next to no time, or should be.

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I never suggested it had anything to do with the fact that it was a woman. If it had been a man, it still would have been a very stupid thing to do.

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The last words in your details suggest otherwise.

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Oh. Well, I do wonder if it’s a factor. Some women seemed to be trying to program us to have the kind of aggressiveness that many men have. If she wasn’t influenced by that bull shit, would she have done it anyway? Did she not understand that she was in real life, not some sort of internet place where you can act almost any way you want without consequence?

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That’s what happens when every stupid ass can have a gun.

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They’re both idiots.

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I don’t think the story makes any sense. She went home, got her son, looked for the road rage guy, didn’t find him, went back towards home and the guy found and shot her?

I call BS.

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No, they did find him and he followed them home from there.

“I did what I had to do to protect my family,” Brandon Meyers, the son who fired at the car, said at the vigil. “And I’d do it for anyone I love.” ” <<< That’s what I call BS. How can you say something like that when you helped get your mom killed?

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It’s not like she and her son were poor innocent victims either. I mean they were chasing after the guy with a gun. Maybe he freaked out and shot in what he thought was self defense.

Bunch of rednecks, most likely.

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Ah, but guns don’t kill people….~

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She wanted to find him and it was unfortunate that she got her wish. sometimes you really have to be careful of what you wish for.

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I can’t phrase this better than @Blackberry. “They’re both idiots” (Blackberry 2015).

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Should have just left it alone, and or reported it to the cops.

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The only way I’d go after an uncontrollably angry psycho with a gun would be if I was Zak Carey!

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The road rager was the dead woman. She sure showed him!

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And the real cause was the 15 year old daughter reaching over to honk the horn at the guy in the first place.

Kid does that, the first thing to do is to apologize for the daughter.

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I guess their whole life was leading up to it. All the guilt everyone must be feeling. The daughter honking the horn, the son agreeing to grab his gun and go with his mom….but all of that behavior is what the mom taught them.

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She’s giving the money back.

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Man, this family is dysfunctional Turns out they knew the kid and he only lived a block away.

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“She was really good to him,” Meyers continued. “She fed him, she gave him money, she told him to pull his pants up, and to be a man more times than I can count. But none of you knew this before because it would have hurt what these great Metro detectives were trying to accomplish.” is dysfunctional? She sounds like a great lady who was helping out a guy.

The guy murdered her.

Why is this murdered woman facing the wrath of you guys?

I think this piece of information changes everything. She wasn’t out looking for revenge. She knew the guy and wanted to help him, or give him a piece of her mind, or whatever. Doesn’t matter. She knew him and he killed her.

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No, after the guy acted like an idiot on the road, she brought her daughter home, told her to go get her son and his gun, and they went out looking for the guy. The guy followed her home and shot her. Why did she get her son and his gun if she wasn’t out for revenge?

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@Cupcake Because we don’t buy the soundbite that the husband is feeding to the media. If you are “really good to someone”, I doubt you would be toting a gun to have a conversation with him.

Also, why is the husband referred to as the patriarch of the family?

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Cuz they’re rednecks.

I also don’t quite understand “But none of you knew this (about her great deeds) before because it would have hurt what these great Metro detectives were trying to accomplish.” How would that have hurt?

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I think he meant he couldn’t tell the press that they personally knew the suspect because that would have made finding him harder.

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How?I mean the suspect knew they knew him.

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Would not happen if people were slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to wrath.

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Because the less the suspect knew of what the price knew the better

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But….he had to know that the police knew that they knew him. That would, logically, be the first thing the family told them. “We know who it was.”

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But the kid didn’t know that. Police do this all the time when they have a skittish suspect. They withhold facts from the press so the suspect won’t know they are onto him. It happens all the time.

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What do you mean the kid didn’t know that? How could he not know it?

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Dutchess jeez Louise. It’s just standard operating procedure of the police in a case like this.

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OK. My name is not Louise!!

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