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How cold is too cold?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 18th, 2015

Say it’s cold out, and you have no pressing need to go outdoors. You don’t have to work, you’re not short of food to eat and it’s relatively clear out – no snow or ice to worry about.

How cold would it have to be to keep you firmly indoors?

It’s +8° here presently, and I’m procrastinating so that Io don’t run to Goodwill for a one-day sale – $120 electric toothbrush for $25.

I’ll give this question 24 hours before I respond to it, in case you care to speculate as to my outcome in addition to adding your own kibitzing.

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Balls freeze monkey brass.

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If I have nothing pressing I HAVE to do….I’ll stay in till it’s above freezing. However, today is an example of “have to go out”. Medications are needed, it’s -14 windchill, gotta go out.

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I get reluctant when the temperatures get down below 60. It was a little different when I lived in Chicago. Zero was my panic point back then. No matter what it seems there should be some degrees. When there are none I panic.

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Cold isn’t a problem it is the heat I can’t stand.

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Anytime I have to put on socks and shoes (or my slippers) to go out, it’s too cold.

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Today was a balmy 32 degrees F. On Sunday, when it was 15 degrees with strong, gusty winds, I had to go out for a while to shovel out my car. In the afternoon, I was slated to meet friends to listen to a favorite blues singer and seriously debated about not going. However, since I was sort of committed to friends, I did go out for a while, came in at 3:30 and barred the doors.

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If I don’t have to go to work, and everything else is optional, if it’s cold like that I’ll stay in. If it’s in the 40’s and I didn’t have to go out, I would be more likely to go out for the fun of it (movies, etc.).

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The cold doesn’t bother me to the point of it preventing me from leaving my house but I have a 3 year old to consider. So for his sake, I try not to drag the family outside for unnecessary errands if it’s below 10 degrees. For the past week or so it’s been negative temps almost daily, even before the wind chill. So we have stayed indoors for the most part.

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I avoid working outside if at all possible once it gets into the single digits.

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Depends on how tired I am really.

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We never get single digit temps here, up the hill in Truckee CA. they do, one of the coldest places ever. They hold the record for weather extremes from -22 to 104 degrees.
Here we have see teens and low 20’s, cold the freak enough! 10 degrees 20 degrees, it’s all the same if you ask me.
Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail can stop the need to go forth and feed the animals. Nothing like outdoor chores in freezing weather.

Brrrr! Makes coming in wonderful though.

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Below 70 degrees F

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I’ve worked outdoors in -20* F with wind chills of -35 to -40* F. We had to check in with and talk to a supervisor, that was to log us on a sheet every ten minutes. We were limited to 4 hours for the whole shift, out in the elements.

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Too cold when you toss hot water into the air and it becomes snow!:

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Below 25 degree C. I can’t stand the cold anyway.

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@Mimishu1995: I had to go to a “Celsius to Fahrenheit” converter to see what temperature 25C is. It’s 77 degrees F, which to me is practically summer! I guess where you live, anything less than 25C is cold, but to me here in the northeast, where it’s currently below 0C, 77 would be heavenly.

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@Mimishu1995 Good lord you Orchid. It was minus 9 F this morning here this AM. I can handle down to minus 20 F for a while. I don’t enjoy it, but I can function.

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Haven’t met too cold for me yet; guess I’ve been in cold down to -25ish. Once I get moving it just feels pleasant, as long as I’ve got the right amount of stuff on. Plus I run hot and tend to not feel chilly when others do. The tradeoff is not being able to stand temps above 75ish.

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It’s too cold when the snow and ice won’t melt off the roads. With fresh snow on the ground, I can’t work for at least 3 days.

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Probably around -12°F when you can really feel the cold on your face.

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It would have to be less than 10F to stop me from going out if there were things I wanted to get done. That’s assuming roads are clear and I am not walking far. If it’s just from my house to the car, and then car to the store, or friends house, of whatever, I don’t care if it’s cold. I’m cold for what? 2 minutes?

If where I am going is cold indoors, then that pisses me off. I want to be warm inside. I don’t want to visit a friend and be cold in their house. Not for more than a half an hour anyway. Cold indoors is anything under 70. I can deal with 68 if I have on two layers and maybe a blanket added.

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The one temp that stopped me from going outside, and caused me to call off school and work, was one winter morning, when I stuck my head out the door to smoke. I snatched my head back in the door almost instantly, and said, “Nobody’s going nowhere!” With the wind chill it was -50. The school district, where I subbed, soon followed suit.

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It’s never too cold for me. I have good winter clothes.

It’s 3 F (-16 C) and I walked to the grocery store earlier to enjoy the night.

Last year we reached -10 F (-23 C). It didn’t feel much different from 0 F.

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I won’t ski if it is colder than -10 F.

I walked around New York last Friday when it was 8; nothing wrong with that.

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Well this year I avoided going out if it wasn’t necessary once it got colder then -30. But the cold spell did last too long so I ended up having friends pick me up a couple times just so I wouldn’t get cabin fever. I don’t have autostart or a garage so the car warm up bit is too much work for me especially if I am making several stops.

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For me, some of it depends on the accompanying activity.

E.g.: for me, -15F is fine for running, but too cold for hand washing a car without gloves.

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@jca @Adirondackwannabe Yeah, my threshold for the cold is low. To make up for it I can handle the hot. 37 degree C is the highest I can go without feeling anything. Any higher is uncomfortable, but still fine.

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I met the recreational cold challenge of @wildpotato, @dxs, @jaytkay, & @zenvelo and went for the Goodwill sale when it was 8° F. I bought a brand new Oral-B Triaction 5000 toothbrush for $25, tax free.

Warmed up to 14° so I spent the day running errands.

Thanks all.

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Let me elaborate:
I always read the “realfeel” temperatures. I think one big factor is the wind, too. If it’s too strong, the wind can be a deal-breaker for me.

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I’ll take the cold over the heat any day of the week. My odeal temp. is about 72 degrees year round, as long as it extends into the evening hours too. I love perfect outdoor evenings on the porch.

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I remember one time, in 1980, walking out of Boeing after my 2nd shift job was over, 1 a.m., walking out of the building into a stifling oven. Even at 1 a.m. it was still 102 degrees, which was pretty freaky.

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“odeal” temp?
Is that when your natural fragrance starts to ripen?

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^^ I thought it was her “ordeal” temp at first.

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Oh, dear!

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When my balls feel like they’ve crawled up into my intestines akin to Han Solo stuffing Luke into that… alien beasty thing in The Empire Strikes Back, it is officially too cold.

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@ibstubro Yes, the night flying mosquitoes can’t resist my odor. lol

Oh man..I am so not looking forward to 100 degree days again this summer. Ugh!

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-25F is when I will stop going outside unless I absolutely have to.

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You’re a tough one, @tedibear. I’ve never even been inside when the temperature outside was -25°F.
Never want to be!

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My house’s previous owner, before my landlords bought it, had no running water and used an outhouse. I can’t even imagine it in these New England winters, brr. Now that would be too cold!

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I can’t imagine that in the hot humid summers either.

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I judge less by the thermometer than by the distance between my testicles and my rib cage, so it depends on how I’m dressed. I’ve been known to be out in sub-zero temperatures for hours and not cared. Just let me know the temperature before I go out and anything above -20F is fine.

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I have a tendency to over-dress when it’s -0 to double-digit. I usually only go out to scoop snow or other physical activity and I end up sweating and smothering. It’s just not that common around here that I know how to dress properly.

And there’s nothing much worse than being crammed in a car with too many clothes on!

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It’s in the negative teens here in New England today. Brr…

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@dxs Is that with windchill or the thermometer?

It’s awful here too today (NJ).

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@janbb I always read “realfeel” temperatures. Either way, it’s $^%#ing cold.

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Today is our pick-of-the-week. Currently 21° and sunny. with a high of 29°.
Tonight is sleet and snow.

Real feel/windchill temp -6° currently.

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When you see icicles hanging from the tip of your nose then it’s cold brrrrr!!!

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