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Should I buy a new laptop? (Details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) February 18th, 2015

My acer i5 laptop aspire S3 doesn’t charge. I sometimes can hold the power cord and it might charge. I took it in to be repaired and I was told that a clasp had broken and could not be fixed. I just need a computer to take classes from e campus. I can wait for a while to save for a new laptop.

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@Ali01 I Had the laptop for 2 years and the warranty was for one year .

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At the shop you went to do they sell used laptops? The one I use has Apple products, Dell, HP and Levono starting at $250 dollars. MacBook Pro two years old for $600.

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Right now if you’re a Costco member, you can buy an Asus 10 inch for $349 until 2/22/15.

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Or get an old used one on ebay or your local prawn shop

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Clasp? As in for the lid? How are they not able to repair that? Anyways I would think the power jack is loose from being tugged around, sure you have to pull the whole laptop apart to repair either but it’s doable, I’ve done power jacks in home and hinges in people’s homes.

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@Xoiio I hooked everything in my cell phone. . So I don’t need a laptop right now.

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@all thank you.

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From a friend: Asus chromebox, intel celeron dual core processor, boots in seconds, wireless, all the inputs you could need, and it mounts to the back of your monitor or television. $159 shipped with amazon prime

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Take it to different repairing centre and ask them if same reply come you must buy new one.

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I sold it for $9.00 it’s gone.

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