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What's your favorite orange colored food?

Asked by Kardamom (31429points) February 18th, 2015

We used to have monthly potlucks at the place where I used to work, in which we would pick a color, and everybody would bring a dish that was that color (this was after we ran out of ethnic cuisines to try).

When I first proposed the idea, a lot of people thought the menu would be very limited, but it turned out that there were a lot of creative people who came up with some splendid dishes. We had tons of food at these colored food parties.

If this Q works out well, we can move on to other colors, but we’ll start with orange (since I was talking about bright orange nacho cheese on another thread).

So pick a dish or two that is orange in color. You can have other colors in your dish, but the main part of it should be orange, and try to make the orange part of your dish, something that is naturally orange, rather than taking the easy way out and using food coloring to turn something orange. Food dye is not very challenging.

OK go!

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Butter chicken and naan bread.

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Orange salmon
Orange Julius
Apricot muffins
Orange Chinese chicken

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Butter chicken

Orange Chinese chicken

Doritos (utterly sinful, I know)

Squash soup

Fresh apricots

Naval Oranges

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Orange juice.
Marshed pumpkin.

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Orange peppers. I like them sliced and sautéed on chicken, but you could stuff them like green peppers or put them in a vegetarian dish. I like them raw too. You could do a plate of raw veggies and fruits all orange and make a dip if you wanted. I don’t like dip personally.

Other jellies have already named other orange foods I thought of like oranges, apricots, and cantaloupe.

I had not thought of buffalo sauce or Doritos, I like those. I’m not sure if someone thought of Cheetos yet.

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Sweet potatoes
Butterneck squash
Orange beets

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Jaffa cakes & a can of irn bru.

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Clementines and similar easy-to-peal tangerine-like fruits. I eat ‘em like candy.

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Mangoes, by far!

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Cheese soup
Crab and cheese dip
Au Gratin potatoes (I like the box kind!)

I could go on for ever. Just make it cheesy.

(Cantaloupe can be desert. Pie or Ice Cream)

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Pumpkin pie.

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@ibstubro: I forgot about cheese!

@kritiper: I thought about pumpkin pie, and then I figured it’s probably closer to brown than to orange.

I just went to the supermarket and picked up two navel oranges before. This q made me think of them, and that I have not had one in a while.

I realized now that I spelled “navel” as “naval” up there.

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Extra sharp cheddar cheese

Pumpkin pie, bread, muffins

Butternut squash

Oranges, tangerines and my fav. the locally grown Mandarin Oranges

Apricots, fresh and dried

Jamba Juice Orange Dream machine smoothie

and…....the puffy ( not crunchy ) Cheetos…air dried for the perfect hint of staleness. lol

Also, Nacho cheese Doritos. ( gotta get my chip fix now and then )

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@jca Go to the store and buy a can of pumpkin. When you get home, open the can. It’s orange.

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Steamed blue crabs with plenty of Old Bay, preferably by the bushel… and plenty of cold beer to go with them. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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I just made the most amazing pumpkin walnut bread with walnuts harvested from our friends organic fruit and walnut ranch. To die for.

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Dried mangos are awesome. I helped my nieces and nephew through college with care packages of dried fruit and granolas. Surprisingly, the fruit never weighed what it said on the package when it got to them.
@lillycoyote Hey there, good to see you!

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Oooh Mangos, how could I forget and PEACHES!

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@Coloma I was waiting for sherbert. :(

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cheese and orange juice.

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@Adirondackwannabe OMG! I LOVE orange sherbert, jeez…more & more orange foods showing up. lol

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You can always make an orange colored cake or cupcakes with food dye.

I have a friend who makes pumpkin cookies.

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@JLeslie You must not have read the last paragraph of the details.

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@kritiper: I know raw pumpkin is orange. I’d say pumpkin pie (which of course is baked pumpkin) is more brown. Whatever. It’s good! :)

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I did miss the last line.

There is orange soda cake. I’ve never had it. That might count as dye though.

Also, orange cake or pie and you can just be sure to put orange peel shavings on top to make it more orange even if the cake or pie isn’t very orange.

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Holy shit I need to try orange soda cake

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Let us know if it’s any good. I love coca cola cake. I wonder what other soda cakes there are?

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Yeah I’ve never even tried a soda cake before but the concept just sounds great lol. Terrible for you but great.

Cherry coke cake could be good lol, or vanilla

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Coca cola cake was a big 1970’s hit. It’s very similar to Texas sheet cake in flavor if you have ever had that. It’s basically a sweet chocolate cake.

Another orange idea I just had. My grandmother used to serve orange slices with dark chocolate shavings for dessert at Passover. Like fruit salad slices that you eat with a fork or spoon. I guess she did it partly for health reasons and partly for Kosher style reasons.

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In today’s headlines, “Daily cola ‘raises cancer risk’ due to caramel coloring.”

The articles mentions also as an afterthought that the daily soda “contributes to endemic obesity and diabetes too.” More… heart disease, kidney problems and gout.

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I was going to post recipes for Coca Cola Cake and Orange Soda Cake, but the Coke cake had miniature marshmallows and the Orange cake was a layer or pound cake, neither of which I advocate. lol
You might want to try this recipe as long as you consider the source.

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@gailcalled was that study done in California? lol

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Certainly not Atlanta, @XOIIO!

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@ibstubro: You got me thinking about the cake with pineapple in it. I have cake mix, I have pineapple, I probably have canned peaches too, and I have coconut. What I don’t need is cake LOL.

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Cake per se isn’t so bad. Cake mix should be used only for mulch.

Open can of peaches, slice pineapple, arrange artistically in cut crystal dish, sprinkle coconut artistically on top. Eat immediately.

Vanilla flavored (I shudder) cake mix plus a can of orange soda. That sounds not like a plan.

I just made myself a mug of real hot chocolate with Godiva cocoa and 1% milk. Delicious.

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No soda or cake mix needed for this Orange Cake

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^^ That’s a really nice recipe, if you’re letting them eat cake.

( I cringe at a site that calls itself YUMMLY! however).

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@gailcalled I didn’t find it on Yummly. I found it randomly by itself. It does look good though.

I’m actually surprised no one has picked Macaroni and Cheese

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Mac and cheese is orange because the cheddar cheese is dyed. Natural cheddar is white or pale yellow.

“Annatto seeds are ground into a red powder and used for coloring foods. Used to dye cheese for more than 200 years, annatto gives cheddar cheese the same color year-round.

Cheddar cheeses that have not been dyed orange are often referred to as “white cheddar” or “Vermont cheddar,” even though they may not have actually been produced in the state of Vermont.”

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@gailcalled Why do you suppose they bothered to dye them at all? Cheddar cheese tastes good whether it’s white or orange.

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You’re asking me about the gustatory tastes of the American public? instant mashed potatoes, bacon bits, diet cola, green jello filled with mandarin orange slices and mini-marshmallows?

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Luckily, orange soda cake isn’t eaten every day.

My Coca-cola cake doesn’t have any marshmallows. I think I wrote it out on Fluther before. I’ll search for it.

A girlfriend of mine makes a punch with orange sherbet that always a hit. If your interested if have to pull out the recipe if I can find it. It’s something like a bottle of ginger ale, vodka, sherbet, in a punch bowl.

Which also makes me think you could do orange martinis, screw drivers, mimosas, or non-alcohol orange infused water. The infused water is a big trend now and it looks so pretty in one of those big “jugs” that you dram the drink out of.

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@JLeslie I love infused water. This summer I made a batch of cucumber mint water almost every day. It’s so refreshing and pretty.

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I see a lot of it in St. Petersburg, FL near where I live. It’s in hotel lobbies for people to take and vendors at farmers markets have it. I think it’s spectacular to pretty up a table at a party and you can drink it.

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In @gailcalled‘s today’s headlines “Daily cola ‘raises cancer risk’ due to caramel coloring.”

Today’s headlines: Warren Buffett’s secret to staying young: “I eat like a six-year-old.” at 84.

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My husband says when his family used to come to the US they were shocked to see yellow orange cheese.

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I see no reason to not include fake orange colored food, I love the old Kraft Mac-n-cheese.
How ‘bout Orange Tootsie Pops too and Orange Jello & Dreamcicles. :-)

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@Coloma Ok, I think you’ve just persuaded me : )

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